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Playlist: Astronomy

Compiled By: Harold Nicol

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Planetary Radio (Series)

Produced by Mat Kaplan

Most recent piece in this series:

The Science You've Enabled

From Mat Kaplan | Part of the Planetary Radio series | 28:50

Nasa_ksc_biomass_chamber_small_small The Planetary Society has just announced the latest awards in its Science and Technology Enabled by the Public (STEP) Grant program. With regular host Sarah Al-Ahmed on vacation, Mat Kaplan returns to introduce the principal investigator for a project that will prepare us to grow food on the Moon and Mars. Another PI and his team plan to analyze extreme life in super salty lakes. Planetary Society Chief Scientist Bruce Betts heads the STEP Grant program. He’ll give us an overview, and a quick look at the satisfying success of the previous projects. Stick around as Mat joins Bruce for this week’s What’s Up. Discover more at: https://www.planetary.org/planetary-radio/2023-step-grant-principal-investigators