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Playlist: Latinx ¡Padrissimo!

Compiled By: Harold Nicol

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Tópicos Latinxs.


Produced by Catalina Maria Johnson

Most recent piece in this series:

BEAT LATINO: The Spirit of International Latine Folk

From Catalina Maria Johnson | Part of the BEAT LATINO series | 58:30

Beatlatino-mireya---fai-recap_small Beat Latino went to Folk Alliance International's Conference! I had the great fortune of spending the last week in Kansas City, experiencing so much amazing music our ears and spirit were in permanent bliss! This week's selection shares some of the Latine Folk we heard live, extraordinary artists who maneuver languages, cultures and diasporas and are creating new traditions and telling new stories within the genre we know as Folk. From the gifts from the ancestors to the longing for home to a call to the dance floor, Latine Folk shares a special spirit. Enjoy!

Latino USA (Series)

Produced by Latino USA

Most recent piece in this series:

2222: ITT Political Round Table Part 2, 6/3/2022

From Latino USA | Part of the Latino USA series | :00

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