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Playlist: Science

Compiled By: Jeff Conner

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Big Picture Science (Series)

Produced by Big Picture Science

Most recent piece in this series:

How Hot is Too Hot

From Big Picture Science | Part of the Big Picture Science series | 54:00


Extreme heat is taking its toll on the natural world. We use words like “heat domes” and “freakish” to describe our everyday existence. These high temperatures aren’t only uncomfortable - they are lethal to humans, animals, and crops. In search of an answer to our episode’s question, we discuss the dilemma of an ever-hotter world with an author who has covered climate change for more than twenty years.


Jeff Goodell – author of “The Heat Will Kill You First: Life and Death on a Scorched Planet.”

Featuring music by Dewey Dellay and Jun Miyake

Sidedoor (Series)

Produced by Smithsonian

Most recent piece in this series:

Wild Orchid Mystery

From Smithsonian | Part of the Sidedoor series | 22:47

Side_door_logo_640x640_small You probably know orchids as the big, colorful flowers found in grocery stores and given as housewarming gifts. But those tropical beauties represent only a fraction of the estimated 25,000 orchid species worldwide. While their showy relatives fly off the shelves, North America’s more understated native orchids are disappearing in the wild. Scientists at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center are working to protect these orchids and their habitats, but first they need solve a surprisingly difficult problem: how to grow one.

Planetary Radio (Series)

Produced by Mat Kaplan

Most recent piece in this series:

Subsurface granite on the Moon? The anatomy of a lunar hot spot

From Mat Kaplan | Part of the Planetary Radio series | 28:50


A decades-old lunar mystery gets an update in this week's Planetary Radio. Matt Siegler from the Planetary Science Institute shares his team's surprising findings about the granite formation that might lie beneath Compton-Belkovich, a thorium-rich hot spot on the far side of the Moon. Then Bruce Betts, chief scientist of The Planetary Society, shares What's Up in the night sky.

Discover more at: https://www.planetary.org/planetary-radio/2023-subsurface-granite-on-the-moon

Climate One (Series)

Produced by Climate One

Most recent piece in this series:

2023-09-29 Jane Fonda: A Lifetime of Activism

From Climate One | Part of the Climate One series | 58:57


Jane Fonda has been many things: an actor, fitness guru, and mother, but through it all, her activism has remained her true calling. For decades she’s been a passionate critic of the Vietnam War and supporter of Indigenous, LGBTQ and women’s rights.

Inspired by Naomi Klein and Greta Thunberg, in 2019 she began protesting on the steps of the U.S. capitol in an action she called “Fire Drill Fridays” – to bring awareness to the urgency of the climate crisis.

“A majority of Americans, like 70%, are very concerned about the climate. But they haven't taken action. And they say because they haven't been asked. This is our job now. To reach the great unasked,” she says. 

Fonda has empathy for fossil fuel workers and plenty of rage for fossil fuel executives. 

“They knew 40 years ago that what they were burning was going to destroy the planet. They knew and they didn't stop drilling,” she says. Fonda has also launched a climate PAC with the goal of defeating political allies of the fossil fuel industry.

“That's all we focus on, is getting out the oily electors, especially the Democrats, and we primary them strategically. And we want to get climate champions elected to office, up and down the ballot. Because right now, you can't get much done in Congress right now. But down ballots, state legislatures, city councils, supervisors, controllers, they have such power, you have no idea how much influence they could have over this climate crisis.” 

Over a lifetime of activism, she’s realized the power of taking a stand and speaking out for what she believes in, as well as fighting for those with less privilege.

“I have found that every single time I start to get depressed, if I take action it disappears. Greta Thunberg said, don't go looking for hope, look for action and hope will come. And she's right.”

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Sound Ecology (Series)

Produced by Jessica Eden

Most recent piece in this series:

Sound Ecology: Diablotin (Black-capped petrel)

From Jessica Eden | Part of the Sound Ecology series | 01:45

Sound_ecology_logo_small A rare little seabird nests in the rugged mountains between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. We learn about conservation efforts that seek to foster a healthy ecosystem for local communities and for this endangered "Diablotin".

Got Science? (Series)

Produced by This Is Science With Jess Phoenix

Most recent piece in this series:

Lean, Clean, Green Machines

From This Is Science With Jess Phoenix | Part of the Got Science? series | 29:01


In this episode

Colleen talks to Bridget and Paula about:

  • the modeling and analysis that shows how states can reach 100% renewable energy by 2035
  • what policies are needed to reach an equitable transition
  • what a just and sustainable future could look like

A Moment of Science (Series)

Produced by WFIU

Most recent piece in this series:

AMOS 23-200: Shakespeare on the Brain, 10/6/2023

From WFIU | Part of the A Moment of Science series | 02:00

Mos-fullcolor-rgb-stacked_small Shakespeare on the Brain

Bioneers - Revolution From the Heart of Nature (Series)

Produced by Bioneers

Most recent piece in this series:

12-17: We’re a Culture, Not a Costume: Fighting Racism in Schools , 10/11/2023

From Bioneers | Part of the Bioneers - Revolution From the Heart of Nature series | 28:30

Fighting_racism_panel_small Native American students face racism throughout their education, from racist mascots to the historical erasure of the American genocide from textbooks. In this passionate conversation, Indigenous Rights Activists Dahkota Brown, Chiitaanibah Johnson, Jayden Lim, and Naelyn Pike share stories of their own experiences and how they are working to abolish racism in schools.

The 90-Second Naturalist (Series)

Produced by WGUC/ WVXU

Most recent piece in this series:

90 Second Naturalist – October 2023 Modules

From WGUC/ WVXU | Part of the The 90-Second Naturalist series | 32:59

Nsn_podcast_logo_small 90-second modules that celebrate the natural world and bring the wonder of nature into daily life

This Week in Water (Series)

Produced by H2O Radio

Most recent piece in this series:

This Week in Water for September 24, 2023

From H2O Radio | Part of the This Week in Water series | 05:57

H2o_logo_240_small Drought in the Midwest and South has caused the Mississippi River to be so low that saltwater is flowing up from the Gulf of Mexico.

Is remote work better or worse for the environment? A new study breaks it down.

Biden has launched the “American Climate Corps” to train young people for careers in clean energy, conservation, and climate resiliency.

Niue wants you to sponsor its ocean.