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Playlist: Jobs Made in France

Compiled By: Pat Wilson

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Jobs Made in France (Series)

Produced by Sarah Elzas

Most recent piece in this series:

Jobs Made in France: Scribe

From Sarah Elzas | Part of the Jobs Made in France series | 03:56

Dsc09435_-_agnes_navalho_small Agnès Navalho has a unique set-up: she writes administrative documents for people with very low incomes, in the MobilÔScribe , a mobile office set up in a minivan that she parks near her clients.

“It seems paradoxical, but you need to listen," she says. "They know their own problems, but I don’t. So I listen and ask questions. And then I get to the writing. The content comes from the person and I take care of the form."

"Most of my clients are illiterate. Many are foreigners but many are French. I also have literate, educated people who recognise their inability to properly structure an argument. I do the same job as a ghost-writer, who writes for someone else. But I chose to write for the most disadvantaged people. Others have made a completely different choice."