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Playlist: LUCINDA

Compiled By: Tex Bailey

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Women Making Music: Lucinda Williams

From WXPN | Part of the Women Making Music series | 02:53

In celebration of Women's History Month our Women Making Music series continues with words and music from Alt. Country singer-songwriter Lucinda Williams.

Default-piece-image-2 Women Making Music is a series of short (two to three minute) first person accounts of artists talking about their lives and their craft. From WXPN--one of public radio's leading Tripple A stations--Women Making Music encompasses some of today's most important established singer-songwriters (Like Lucinda Williams and Suzanne Vega) as well as performers whose names you may not recognize. They hail from a variety of genres from Alternative Country to the Blues. In this edition of Women Making Music Alternative Country singer-songwriter Lucinda Williams talks about coming her legendary perfectionism in the studio, and the connection between spirituality and music making. This module runs locally on WXPN-FM through the Month of March and airs on the nationally syndicated program, "World Cafe" Saturday, March 12th and Monday, March 14

New Music Review: Lucinda Williams' "West"

From KUT | 07:51

music-rich review of Lucinda Williams' latest album "West", in stores 2/13/07

Lucindawilliams_small KUT Music Director and Texas Monthly music writer Jeff McCord reviews the new album by Lucinda Williams, "West." The CD hits stores on February 13, 2007. Williams is a three-time Grammy Award winner known for putting lush, poetic lyrics to charging folk rock rhythms. In 2002, she was named "America's best songwriter" by TIME magazine. She produced two landmark albums -- her self-titled debut and 1998's "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road." The latter took five years to make, and it helped crystallize the image of Williams as a perfectionist frozen by her insecurities. She's put out several albums in the last ten years, but none quite held up to critics' expectations. KUT's Jeff McCord describes Williams' new collection of songs as "easily her most powerful work in years."

Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams

From Joyride Media | 59:00

New one-hour radio special traces how Hank Williams’ “lost notebook” of unrecorded songs were found and set to music for new recordings by Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, Jack White, Patty Loveless, Merle Haggard, Sheryl Crow and others.

Hankwilliamslostnotebooks_small The version posted here is what we call the "AAA version" based on how the various artists' music and interviews are featured.  A "country" version is also available on request.  The basic difference is how much we use Jakob Dylan and Jack White vs. Alan Jackson and Hank Williams Jr.