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Compiled By: Tex Bailey

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SKYDOG: Little taste ...
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Dr. Ducks Guitar Prescription (Series)

Produced by J. Duck

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Dr. Ducks Guitar Prescription Dose #8 - Spotlight on Eric Clapton

From J. Duck | Part of the Dr. Ducks Guitar Prescription series | 58:00

Ddawhead272_small Welcome to Dr Ducks Guitar Prescription Dose #8 - ... this hour is a Spotlight Dose on Eric Clapton. Every so often Dr. Duck will spotlight an artist or a group that either changed the way the guitar is played or has had a tremendous influence on the guitar community in general, which is probably the understatement of life when you are speaking of guitar and Eric Clapton in the same sentence - the man has made one of the biggest impacts on the guitar community known and you would be hard pressed to find a guitar player who hasn't been influenced in some way by Eric Clapton ... and this ... the 8th. dose of Dr.Ducks Guitar Prescription is Eric Clapton's spotlight. In this hours spotlight show we'll hear tracks of Eric Clapton playing with Duane Allman, George Harrison, Delaney & Bonnie .. We'll hear words about Clapton from friends and other players .. We have tracks of Clapton playing with John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, Cream, Blind Faith, Derek & the Dominoes and playing as a "Hired Gun / Side Man / Solo Artist" ... As you will soon agree ...Eric Clapton is now ... has always been and always will be at the "top of the heap" of guitar giants and shares a spot that very few other guitar monsters share. Dr.Duck is very proud to present "The Eric Clapton Spotlight Show" here on Dr.Ducks Guitar Prescription Dose #8 ... so .. turn your radio up a little and try not to hurt yourself or get kicked out of your residence ... enjoy ...

Dr. Ducks Guitar Prescription dose #2

From J. Duck | Part of the Dr. Ducks Guitar Prescription series | 58:00

All Guitar Music - All the Time - From the Very Best Players Known - and a Party Too !

Ddawhead272_small Welcome to Dr.Ducks Guitar Prescription dose #2 ... this hour we're going to play some of the coolest stuff we have. We're going to hear from Jeff Beck, Ottmar Liebert and Charley Byrd ... Eric Johnson will give us a demonstration on advanced procedures of guitar tone ... For those who feel the need to shred, we will hear from Rusty Cooley We will ALSO find out what you're spoze to sound like playing a flame top Les Paul through a Marshall Stack with one of the all time greatest rock & roll guitar riffs known to man ... We'll check in on music row ... Nashville Tennessee and hear what Vince Gill is up to .. There will be surf music from the Lively Ones ... There once was a jam in a recording studio with Lonnie Mack and Stevie Ray Vaughn playing together - we'll hear that too And for those of you who don't know Diddley ... Dr.Duck will introduce you to Bo ... all of this .... and this hours Musicians Joke as well !!! - right here on Dr. Ducks Guitar Prescription dose #2 ...