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Playlist: Youth Radio Specials from Generation PRX

Compiled By: PRX

Curated Playlist

Generation PRX -- PRX's project to support youth radio -- has worked with many great collaborators over the years to create curated, hour-long specials around a theme. These programs showcase the best in youth-made radio, and are hosted and produced by young people with help from a producer mentor.

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BULLIED: Teen Stories from Generation PRX

From Connecticut Public (WNPR) | 53:00

Bullying isn’t a new story, but lately, it is all over the news. And while young people are often the targets and the actors in bullying, we rarely get to hear their perspectives in the media. Learn more: generation.prx.org/bullied


Bullying isn’t a new story, but lately, it is all over the news. And while young people are often the targets and the actors in bullying, we rarely get to hear their perspectives in the media.

Bullied: Teen Stories from Generation PRX is changing that. This hour-long special produced in collaboration with WNPR includes stories from teens with first-hand insight on bullying. From being called "Osama" in a Boston classroom, to looking at whether bullying prevention programs really work in Anchorage, youth producers from around the globe help show us what we don’t we understand – but need to – about bullying. Join teen hosts Council Brandon and Peython Echelson-Russell for an hour of thought-provoking stories, interviews and teen perspectives on bullying.

Bullied: Teen Stories from Generation PRX includes contributions from Blunt Youth Radio Project, ZUMIX Radio, Alaska Teen Media Institute, Hear in the City, Middletown Youth Radio Project and LatitudeNews.com.  It is supported by a grant from the Motorola Mobility Foundation. The show was produced by WNPR, Connecticut Public Radio and presented by PRX, the Public Radio Exchange. Learn more at generation.prx.org/bullied

Perceptions Shattered: African American Masculinity from Chicago Public Radio, PRX and the NBPC

From WBEZ | 52:33

Youth voices share their perspectives on Black masculinity.

Flotptwo_small Told by youth, Perceptions Shattered breaks down African-American Masculinity and looks into the reasons young Black men feel the need to act tough, use the N word and don't fit into a preconceived mold. Black Men working to progress, mature, and provide for themselves and their families... we explore the variety of experiences and trials young Black Men face in today's America. Perceptions Shattered features some of the best stories on Generation PRX - a project of PRX that is dedicated to youth radio. Hosted by Chicago-Area hip hop artist Nam1Sekatti, and produced by Jason Marck at WBEZ, with support from the National Black Programmer's Consortium and PRX, Perceptions Shattered is a journey to a much more compelling, complicated and accurate portrait of what it is to be young, Black and male. HOST: Nam1Sekatti PRODUCER: Jason Marck

Fresh Greens: Teens and the Environment

From New Hampshire Public Radio | 51:29

Tells the stories of how American youth think about their daily impact on our planet.

Freshgreenslogo2_small NHPR, in partnership with Generation PRX and the Terrascope Youth Radio group at MIT teamed up to produce a one-hour special program. We invited youth radio groups from across the country to submit pieces for inclusion, and the following youth radio groups are featured in our program:

Terrascope Youth Radio – Cambridge, MA
Youth Radio – Oakland, CA
Youth Spin – Austin, TX
Blunt Youth Radio – Portland, ME
OutLoud Radio – San Francisco, CA
Alaska Teen Media Institute – Anchorage, AK

In one piece, Antony Jaureguí from Youth Radio in Oakland, California considers his personal energy consumption through the prism of his immigrant parents’ experiences and his own concerns about the environment.   In another piece, Libby Donovan from Blunt Youth Radio in Portland, Maine explores the pervasive nature of corn syrup in food ingredients and its impact on the environment.  Other pieces consider what it means to be “green” in the context of race, reflect on the public’s perception of environmental activism and contemplate a community garden’s impact.   

Other groups also submitted pieces, including Radiojojo Children’s Radio Network in Berlin, Germany and Curie Youth Radio in Chicago, IL.  Some of them will end up on the website for the show.  Members of the Terrascope Youth Radio group are hosts for this special and all the kids have had a hands-on role in writing the script and editing the audio.  NHPR finalized the hour-long show and distributed the program through PRX to public radio stations all over the country.  

Fresh Greens 2.0

From New Hampshire Public Radio | 51:26

NHPR teams up with Generation PRX and the Terrascope Youth Radio group at MIT for another one-hour youth special. "Fresh Greens 2.0" examines what it means to be "green." Youth radio producers from around the country reflect on their observations and seek out programs and efforts designed to have a positive impact on the environment.


NHPR has once again teamed up with Generation PRX and the Terrascope Youth Radio group at MIT to produce a new youth special.  Fresh Greens 2.0 examines what it means to be "green." Youth radio producers from around the country reflect on their observations as they seek out programs and efforts designed to have a positive impact on the environment. 

This project invited youth radio groups to submit pieces for inclusion in our one-hour special and they submitted a number of interesting, thoughtful and well produced pieces for inclusion in the show.  The show features pieces produced by Terrascope Youth Radio in Cambridge, Blunt Youth Radio in Portland, ME, Youth Media Project in Santa Fe, WHJE Radio in Indiana, Weekday High in Seattle and Urban Sprouts in San Francisco. 

The pieces explore everything from the affect of a vegetarian diet on the environment to the difference between artificial turf and natural grass.  At risk teens in San Francisco rhyme and rap about community gardening and kids in Bellingham, Washington learn how to compost. The show is narrated and produced by students from the Terrascope Youth Radio project.

Schooled: Teens' Stories About American Public Education

From KUOW | Part of the Curated Youth Radio Programs from KUOW and Generation PRX series | 55:59

Teens talk about standards, inequality, and getting out of public high school in America.

Schooled is one hour of some of the best youth radio stories on PRX. The show is produced by KUOW's Jenny Asarnow with support from Generation PRX. Our host is Amina Al-Sadi, a 20-year-old senior at the University of Washington.

Claudia_200_small Adults in the White House, Congress, think tanks, principals’ offices, teachers’ unions, and other Very Important Positions are fighting over how to educate kids. But what do teenagers think about the education we’re getting?

This hour, we take you back to school – public high school, to be precise.

Teenagers share our stories, in our words.

We dissect school standards that are too hard, or too easy. We get educated in an unequal public school system, and make decisions for what comes next after high school.

Stories in the program:

1. Amon "AJ" Frazier, 'Promotion In Doubt' WNYC's Radio Rookies http://www.prx.org/pieces/46796-promotion-in-doubt

Amon 'AJ' Frazier was trying to get through eighth grade when New York City's Department of Education made it harder to move up to the next grade. AJ wasn't sure he could pass, but as he found out, the new standards were more flexible than they seemed. AJ created this story for WNYC's "Radio Rookies" when he was 14 years old.

2. Libby Donovan, 'These Kids Didn't Want To Be There, And I Did' (Orig. 'I Was a Slacker in the Top Ten'), Blunt Youth Radio Project http://www.prx.org/pieces/46381-i-was-a-slacker-in-the-top-10

Many American high schools put students in 'tracks' based on academic achievement. But at South Portland High School in Maine, students of all abilities were mixed together in the classroom. Libby Donovan was not pleased. She made this story when she was 19, for the Blunt Youth Radio Project.

3. Amanda Wells, 'The Night I Met Jonathan Kozol,' KRCB Voice of Youth http://www.prx.org/pieces/18445-the-night-i-met-jonathan-kozol

Let's go on a field trip with Amanda Wells, age 17. She saw Jonathan Kozol speak at Sonoma State University in 2005. Kozol has documented and criticized "the restoration of apartheid schooling in America." Amanda asks how she — a white girl — could help end racial separation. She made this story for KRCB Voice of Youth.

4. Erika Ortiz, Paul Roldan, and Alca Usan, 'Where Were You Fifth Period?,' Curie Youth Radio http://www.prx.org/pieces/10160-where-were-you-fifth-period

Time for a quiz. Why do students cut class? Is it because: A.Their pants are wet. B. They're tired. C. They got engaged on lunch break.

Erika Ortiz, Paul Roldan, and Alca Usan get answers from students at Curie High School on the Southwest Side of Chicago. They made this story for Curie Youth Radio.

5. Sam Pearson, 'Sam Drops Out,' Youth Media Project http://www.prx.org/pieces/46483-sam-drops-out

Sam Pearson was a student at Monte Del Sol Charter School in Santa Fe, NM. He didn't want to be in high school anymore. So he dropped out. Sam made this story in 2010 when he was 17 years old, for the Youth Media Project in Santa Fe.

6. Caitlin Garing, 'Life After High School,' Alaska Teen Media Institute http://www.prx.org/pieces/4662-think-piece-on-life-after-high-school

More than a third of public high school graduates don't go to college. One anxious mother doesn't know what her son plans to do. So she hires a hard–boiled private detective to find out. Caitlin Garing was a senior in high school when she created this noir–inspired radio play for the Alaska Teen Media Institute.

7. Lena Eckert–Erdheim, 'Making It Out Of High School' Youth Noise Network http://www.prx.org/pieces/17755-making-it-out-of-high-school

Lena Eckert–Erdheim asked fellow seniors at Durham School of the Arts what they planned to do after high school. Go to college or become a hobo? Hmm, tough choice. Lena made this story for Youth Noise Network (YNN) at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. YNN is now part of SpiritHouse. (Lena went to college.)

8. Tirhas Kibrzghi, 'Students Vs. SATs' WAMU's Youth Voices http://www.prx.org/pieces/26721-students-vs-sats

Each year, the SAT test strikes fear into the hearts of about 1.5 million high school students. Colleges use SAT scores to make admissions decisions, but many high school students say the test carries too much weight. WAMU's Youth Voices reporter Tirhas Kibrzghi takes us inside a testing center near Washington, DC.

9. Claudia Villa, 'The Kids Who Got Out: My Graduation Day' KRCB Voice of Youth http://www.prx.org/pieces/11654-the-kids-who-got-out-my-graduation-day

We spend graduation day with Claudia Villa. She went to the Clean and Sober school for kids with substance abuse issues, and graduated with teen moms, probation camp kids, and the rest of Sonoma County's Alternative Ed class of 2006. Claudia made this story when she was 18 years old for KRCB Voice of Youth.

Our Time: Teens and Politics. From KUOW and Generation PRX.

From KUOW | Part of the Curated Youth Radio Programs from KUOW and Generation PRX series | 55:58

We grew up in America after 9/11. Our world is full of disasters. Now it's our time to step up or sit out.

Ourtimeicon_small We're deciding if we want to join the military. We're deciding if we want to protest something. We're fighting wars in our own lives, every day. Teens from around America share OUR stories, in OUR words. A special presentation from KUOW Public Radio Seattle and Generation PRX. KUOW LISTENERS SAY... "This was an amazing show. From beginning to end I was riveted. I was thankful I didn't have errands to run that would interrupt my listening. I will be proud to turn the world over to these kids when it's their turn to fix it!" - Tam "I was so impressed with the production values. I was astounded! I want to thank you for giving [the teen producers] a full hour." - Carolyn ABOUT THE HOST: Amina Al-Sadi is a freshman at the University of Washington and a graduate of KUOW's Weekday High. Her dad is from Iraq, and she's active in her mosque. Her whole family loves to talk about politics. In between segments, she shares her personal experiences with growing up after 9/11. ABOUT THE PRODUCER: Jenny Asarnow is our curator, producer and editor. She's also behind The Migration Project and Getting Raised, two more youth radio specials you can find on PRX. THE SHOW FITS AN HOUR LONG PROGRAM WITH A 3-MINUTE NEWS HOLE. There is more information about each story in the program under 'For Stations.' Thanks to Joe Kozera at KERA for cutting the 30 sec version of the promo.

The Migration Project: A Youth Radio Special from KUOW and Generation PRX

From KUOW | Part of the Curated Youth Radio Programs from KUOW and Generation PRX series | 55:56

All teenagers search for identity. Some have to ask 'who am I?' in more than one language.

Migration150_small "I didn't expect to really pay attention, let alone be riveted. (I'm 60, white female.) But... IT WAS EXCELLENT!!!! very moving, very real, very enlightening." -Leslie S., KUOW listener Young people tell us what it's like to cross the border, learn language, and lose language. We're not going to pick apart policies this hour. We'll hear what it's like to be a young immigrant. KUOW's Jenny Asarnow curated and produced this program in collaboration with the Public Radio Exchange. ABOUT THE HOST: Dinorah Flores-Perez is 18. She is from Monterrey Nuevo Leon, Mexico and lives in Seattle. She is an actor, slam poet and activist. TESTIMONY FROM KUOW LISTENERS: "Thank you for airing "The Migration Project" this morning...As a first-generation immigrant, that was fantastic! Props to everyone involved." -Robert H., Seattle, WA "I cannot thank you enough for producing and airing the Migration Project. It was the most amazing program I've ever heard on any NPR affiliate and I'm an NPR junkie. The voice of youth is powerful, profound and not heard enough." Beth N, Seattle, WA THE SHOW FITS AN HOUR LONG PROGRAM WITH A 3-MINUTE NEWS HOLE There is more information about each story in the program under 'For Stations.'

Getting Raised (Hour long program with 5 or 3 min. newshole)

From KUOW | Part of the Curated Youth Radio Programs from KUOW and Generation PRX series | 55:00

Teens tell us what it's like to live with parents...or without them

070101raised_small Getting raised isn't easy. This hour, we hear stories from those who know. Teenagers explain how to deal with in-your-face parents, abusive parents, absent parents and becoming a parent when you're still in high school. KUOW and the Public Radio Exchange scoured the country for the best radio stories created by producers under twenty. One teen tells us about folks who won't let their kid eat watermelon unsupervised, because they're afraid she'll choke on the seeds. Another young woman got kicked out of her mom's house when she was only eleven years old. She had to raise herself fast, and on the streets. We'll also hear some juicy secrets (you know that bullet hole in the basement?), and eavesdrop on conversations it's hard to have, at any age. PRODUCER: Jenny Asarnow HOST: Jennol Jenkins with her mom, Deb Jenkins WEB PRODUCER: Jenna Montgomery PRX PRODUCTION HELP: Jones Franzel