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Playlist: Short Serieses

Compiled By: Leigh Cooper

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Antarctica: Life On The Ice (Series)

Produced by Spectrum Radio

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Between Worlds/Behind Bars (Series)

Produced by Seattle Globalist

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Washington on the Front Lines

From Seattle Globalist | Part of the Between Worlds/Behind Bars series | 08:40


The Mexican border, with its tall fences and often–deadly world of coyotes and drug smuggling, gets more attention than our border to the north. But major terrorism suspects, like the Millennium Bomber and one of the men convicted in the 2002 Beltway Sniper attacks, have been arrested coming into Washington State from Canada. In 2005 authorities discovered a 360–foot smuggling tunnel under the border near Linden, Washington. Border Patrol arrests hundreds of people near the Canadian border every year.

The Depreciating American Dream (Series)

Produced by Curt Nickisch

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Living with Coal in Eastern Kentucky (Series)

Produced by Appalachian Media Institute

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Rock Lung

From Appalachian Media Institute | Part of the Living with Coal in Eastern Kentucky series | 05:38

Mcrobertscoal_small In Letcher County, KY coal mining is the best job there is for many people. It?s a part of our history, good and bad. The industry affects so much more than just the job market, it shapes who we are. With all the risks, to both people and communities, associated with coal mining you might wonder why anyone would go into the mines. We talked with our friends and family members to find out why they became miners and how mining has changed their lives.

The Really Big Questions (Series)

Produced by SoundVision Productions

Most recent piece in this series:

Can Science Explain Why We Believe?

From SoundVision Productions | Part of the The Really Big Questions series | 53:30

Religion_square-trbq2_small Scanning the globe, The Really Big Questions explores the power of religion to create nurturing communities and vengeful armies, to console sufferers, and control nonconformists. We meet scientists searching for the underlying causes, and theologians, secular scholars and ordinary believers, who argue that these scientists are asking the wrong questions about the wrong things. Why do religions insist on truths that are either objectively false or unverifiable? Why is science unable to speak intelligibly about God, or Spirit, or the Divine? And can scientists trying to “explain” religion really do what they say?
The broadcast window for the series is October 15, 2009 - March 31, 2010. Go deeper http://www.trbq.org/stations
Station Contact: Ms Stevie Beck, stevie@SchardtMEDIA.org, 612.825.6363