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From Joyride Media | Part of the DYLAN series | 59:00

Patti Smith hosts this hour of Bob Dylan music and conversation covering 1989 to the present

Bddylancover_small Bob Dylan has always been a unique American voice, and that's most evident in the music he's made since the late 1980's. Returning to his roots in folk and blues, Dylan has fine-tuned American music with the mind of a poet and the bravado of a rock and roller. In this hour, we'll hear the maturity and grace of Dylan's most recent artistic ideas. Interviews: David Kemper, Ray Benson, David Gans, Bill Flanagan, Carolyn Wonderland, Josh Ritter, Ian MacLagen, John Hiatt, Roger McGuinn, John Cohen.

0:00 -- 17:00 Segment 1

In:  "Here's the thing about Bob.  He knows more about American music than anybody I'd ever met."
Out:  "I'm Patti Smith, and you're listening to Bob Dylan:  Oh Mercy."

17:00 -- 18:00  Break 1 with music bed

18:00 -- 36:00 Segment 2

In:  "Welcome back to Bob Dylan:  Oh Mercy.  I'm Patti Smith."
Out:  "I'm Patti Smith, and you're listening to Bob Dylan:  Oh Mercy."

36:00 -- 37:00  Break 2 with music bed

37:00 -- 59:00  Segment 3

In:  "Welcome back to Bob Dylan:  Oh Mercy.  I'm Patti Smith."
Out:  "I'm Patti Smith, and thanks for listening."

Women Making Music: Jolie Holland

From WXPN | Part of the Women Making Music series | 02:45

Jolie Holland is a Texas-born singer-songwriter with an impressive musical vocabulary and a wandering spirit. The newcomer muses about her life in this vignette.

Default-piece-image-1 Women Making Music is a series of short (two to three minute) first person accounts of artists talking about their lives and their craft. From WXPN--one of public radio's leading Tripple A stations--Women Making Music encompasses some of today's most important established singer-songwriters (Like Lucinda Williams and Suzanne Vega) as well as performers whose names you may not recognize. They hail from a variety of genres from Alternative Country to the Blues. In this edition of Women Making Music we hear from newcomer Jolie Holland. Her voice is reminiscent of Billy Holiday's but her songwriting is undoubtedly contemporary. Tom Waits nominated her for the prestigious Shortlist music prize. This module runs locally on WXPN-FM through the Month of March

Father's Day - A musical celebration

From Kate Borger | 01:09:19

A romping roots music celebration of Fathers, Papas and Ding Dong Daddies.

Danieleeu_small This one hour program is based on my weekly 3-hour show, "The Roots and Rhythm Mix" on WYEP in Pittsburgh. Every year I celebrate Father's Day with a mix of tunes that reflect upon being a father and having a father, as well as featuring the less literal cool daddy-o's and rockin' papas of American roots music. There are a few poignant moments in this program, but the overall tone is FUN! Yes, this is a "record show"! It's all great music from Texas, Louisiana,Cuba and Madagascar, and it's put together with thought and heart and a good ear. I hope you enjoy the mix as much as my listeners in Pittsburgh do!

Gillian Welch: In her own words

From David Schulman | Part of the Musicians in their own words series | 03:07

Gillian Welch is known in Nashville for songs that echo the sounds of the Carter Family and the Stanley Brothers. But Welch isn't after nostalgia -- she says the best folk and country songs have as much grit as punk.

Gillianhat_small Gillian Welch writes songs that can sound old fashioned -- at first. But Welch doesn't think of her songs an escape from the troubles of the present. The characters in her songs live hard lives. They are fruit pickers, failed moonshiners, orphan girls. Her song "Caleb Meyer" is told from the point of view of a woman who uses a broken bottle to defend herself against a rapist. In this feature, Welch describes the sense of harsh reality that she loves in old folk and country music, and lays down a pointed challenge to modern country. As in all the pieces in David Schulman's CPB-supported Musicians in their own words series, the story is told through a mix of the performer's voice and music. There is no reporter's voice heard, allowing the feature to be seamlessly incorporated into station news, talk, or music programming. Scripts for intro and outro are attached, and may be edited at will. This piece works well in advance of local performances. Upcoming dates include: 10/01 Hollywood, CA The Avalon 10/03 San Francisco, CA, Golden Gate Park ? 10/08 San Francisco, CA, The Fillmore ? 10/09 San Francisco CA The Fillmore ? 10/10 Chico CA,California State University ? 10/12 Arcata CA, Kate Buchanan Room ? 10/13 Eugene OR, McDonald Theatre ? 10/15 Portland OR, Crystal Ballroom 10/16 Seattle WA, Moore Theatre ? 10/17 Olympia WA, Capitol Theatre This piece first aired on WBUR, Boston.

Golden Smog - Another Fine Radio Hour

From Tres Hombres Productions | 01:00:35

One-hour music intensive special spotlights the collaborative spirit behind Golden Smog, a roots-rock supergroup featuring members of Wilco (Jeff Tweedy), the Jayhawks (Gary Louris, Mark Perlman, Kraig Johnson),Soul Asylum (Dan Murphy) and Big Star (Jody Stevens).

Gsmog_small "... a not-so-serious diversion involving members of some of the Midwest's most popular bands has transmogrified into one of the Midwest's most popular bands." - Minnesota Public Radio "...the most super supergroup." - Aspen Times "Like the band's name, there's a lot of cloud/silver lining thinking here. You hear it both in pretty piano ballads and pop gems." - New York Times The band?s members discuss the unusual history of Golden Smog, from its late-80s cover band origins to the sessions for ?Another Fine Day? ? their third album of original material. Between tracks from the new CD, these musicians also provide insights into how the music they make as Golden Smog is influenced by their own day-job careers in some of America?s most acclaimed and influential rock bands. Hosted by Rita Houston (WFUV - New York), ?Another Fine Radio Hour? also includes music from a recent in-studio acoustic performance by Gary Louris & Kraig Johnson. Golden Smog's new CD, Another Fine Day is in stores from Lost Highway Records on July 18. Host: Rita Houston (WFUV - New York) Broadcast Window: Begins Mid-July, 2006 Contact: Andy Cahn, cahnmedia@comcast.net, 215-279-7632 Length: One hour with breaks for local spots Terms: Available for all USA broadcasters to air at no cost Spots: No barter spots are built into the show

The Emergence of Shawn Colvin: Inside "These Four Walls"

From Paul Ingles | 01:58:02

Three-time Grammy winner Shawn Colvin is captured in the studio working on her 2006 album THESE FOUR WALLS and reflecting on her career in music.


Shawn Colvin is, according to the Music Hound Folk Encyclopedia, "a writer and performer of rare and special abilities." In this two-hour special for public radio, award-winning producer Paul Ingles presents a compelling portrait of the singer/songwriter at work on her most recent music and at home reflecting on her remarkable career that has included three Grammy awards, critical and commercial success. This program is an independently produced study of a notable artist coming to grips with mid-life, and personal and professional challenges. Ingles visited with Colvin at the beginning, middle and end of her process of writing and recording the 2006 release THESE FOUR WALLS. Listeners will hear both early and finished versions of tracks from the CD (released 9/12/06) as well as highlights of a studio recording session in Austin. Woven into the story of the making of the album is Shawn Colvin's own tale of growing up in South Dakota, struggling to make it as a performer and writer, then getting "discovered" at the relatively late age of 33, and recording a #1 song and top-selling album at 41. Soon after hitting this peak, however, her record company lost interest in her, unable to imagine a 40-something woman hitting the pop radio charts again. In the past decade, Colvin has had her first and only child, endured a second divorce, changed management and record labels, and turned 50. All bringing her to the moment in her life documented in SHAWN COLVIN: INSIDE 'THESE FOUR WALLS.' Also featured: Colvin's long-time producer and co-writer John Leventhal, Lydia Hutchinson (editor, Performing Songwriter Magazine) and Jody Denberg of Austin's KGSR Radio. Music from all parts of Colvin's career provides the soundtrack to this lively portrait of an important, though sometimes overlooked, figure in music.

Vietnam Blues

From Tina Antolini | 28:31

Vince Gabriel is a Vietnam veteran who's written an album of songs chronicling his experience of the war. He takes listeners back to 1968, to the jungle of Vietnam.

Default-piece-image-0 Vince Gabriel is a Maine-based blues musician who's written an album of songs chronicling his experience in the Vietnam war. In the documentary, Vince takes listeners chronologically through his time in Vietnam, with his music leading us into stories about getting drafted, arriving in the jungle, what combat was like, the loss of his closest friend, the relief of finally returning home and his reflections on the legacy of Vietnam today. While news reports about the war in Iraq tend to focus on numbers and strategy, Vince's stories give listeners an almost visceral sense of what it's like for those on the front lines. Though it is an account of a war that took place years ago, the current situation in Iraq make Vince's observations feel disturbingly immediate and poignant. This piece aired nationally on the documentary program "Soundprint" in late January 2005.

Fonotopia Episode #3: Music of the Ottoman Empire

From Fonotopia Radio | Part of the Fonotopia with Ian Nagoski series | 59:01

In this episode, Ian takes you from Mozart’s grandparents to the last days of the Turkish Pretty Boy Floyd. The Ottoman Empire was vast. Think of all the music.

Ep3cut2_small Three continents. Five hundred years. The Ottoman Empire was vast and astounding. So are its musical contributions. Lucky for us, the Empire lasted a couple decades past the advent of audio recording.

And lucky for us, Ian Nagoski is obsessed with the Ottoman Empire's musical legacy. In this episode, we start with Mozart's "Turkish March," then listen to everything from the court music of the elites to the poor man's rebel songs (including one celebrating the Turkish equivalent of Pretty Boy Floyd) to the lament of a widower who left the Greece-Turkey border to start two nightclubs around 40th St. and 8th Ave. in Manhattan. Bouzoukis, fiddles, ouds, some of the best singing in the world, and the amazing stories of the musicians and cultures behind the music. Listen with us!

50 Years of the Beat: A Celebration of the Bossa Nova

From WBGO | 01:58:02

This summer, relish the sound "of love, the smile, and the flower." 50 Years of the Beat, a two hour radio documentary, reveals the lesser-known history of the Bossa Nova, music to burst out of Rio de Janeiro in the late 50s and early 60s.

Bossanova_small WBGO investigates the musicians who popularized the art form worldwide: Joao Gilberto, Vinicius de Moraes, and Antonio Carlos Jobim. WBGO's Simon Rentner, who visited Brazil last January, interviewed Brazil's top musicians, producers, and scholars including Sergio Mendes, Joyce, Cesar Camargo Mariano, Benjamim Taubkin, Miucha, Paulo Jobim, Georgiana de Moraes, and Luis Carlos Miele. The documentary features exclusive interviews with founders Roberto Menescal and Carlos Lyra, plus analysis from the idiom's leading scholar Ruy Castro. The documentary showcases rare recordings from some of the music's forgotten heroes like Sylvinha Telles, Johnny Alf, and Edison Machado, plus an exclusive recording of Joao Gilberto from the late 50s. Additional music featured: Radames Gnatalli, Luizinho Eca, Tenario Jr., Stan Getz, Milton Banana, Orlando Silva, Maestro Lindolfu Gaya, Herbie Mann, Os Cariocas, Astrud Gilberto, Charlie Byrd, Baden Powell, Dick Farney, Frank Sinatra, Chet Baker, Luis Carlos Vinhas, Cid Grey, Ary Barroso, Ronaldo Boscoli, Wanda Sa, Edu Lobo, Nara Leao, Marcos Valle, Jorge Ben Jr., Leny Andrade, Tamba Trio, Sambalanco Trio, Sambrasa Trio, Bossa Tres, Wilson Simonal, Elis Regina, and many others.

three c's

From [redacted] [redacted] | 03:25

the horn billed toucan will occasionally, and discreetly, break the sound barrier

three c's
[redacted] [redacted]

Analog_25_small the horn billed toucan will occasionally, and discreetly, break the sound barrier

The Prince of Kosher Gospel

From Alex Goldmark | 04:14

First person vignette with music.

Default-piece-image-2 Joshua Nelson, a proud African-American-Jew, explains how he fuses the soul music he loved as a boy with the sometimes dreary liturgical songs of his Jewish faith. He sure can spice up a service, just have a listen to the music he makes.

My Rwanda: The Mighty Popo

From Sarah Elzas | 06:13

Singing about the reconstruction of Rwanda

Poposquare_small Guitarist Popo Murigande, known as the Mighty Popo, came to Canada as a refugee from Rwanda when he was 19 years old. He?s been making music ever since, writing songs about Rwanda and the rebuilding of the country after the 1994 genocide. He?s won two Juno Awards, the Canadian version of the Grammys, with his group the African Guitar Summit.

Forest Songs

From Dmae Lo Roberts | Part of the New Zealand Stories series | 02:10

Aural tour of Maori music sung in a forest.

Forest_small Producer Dmae Roberts brings us this aural walk through the woods of the ancient Maori culture. Picture this: It’s nighttime in the dark woods and Maori singers are huddling around disparate campfires while visitors walk from one to the next, on their way to the meeting house. It's an experience you'll find nowhere else -- only in Tamaki Village at Rotarua, New Zealand. This piece originally aired on Savvy Traveler in December 2003 but would be approprate for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May.

Squeezebox Stories

From Julie Caine | 54:00

Squeezebox Stories, a sound-rich, narrative-driven public radio documentary hosted by Marco Werman of PRI's The World, explores the rich musical worlds and diverse social history of the accordion--one of the first global instruments.


Squeezebox Stories, a sound-rich, narrative-driven public radio documentary hosted by Marco Werman of PRI's The World, explores the rich musical worlds and diverse social history of the accordion.

The accordion is about much more than the Polka; it's one of the first global instruments. Played all over the world, from Italy to China to Zanzibar, the squeezebox is a great vehicle for telling immigration stories.

In this hour-long special, listeners go on an accordion tour, visiting Zydeco dance halls and Mexican Norteño clubs, punk rock apprentices and Arabic master musicians-all to discover what's behind the surprisingly wide appeal of this ultimate people's instrument.