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Playlist: Meditation

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Practicing Awareness

From Carla Seidl | 06:37

Students of the shakuhachi flute learn about music, listening, and presence in their daily lives.

Shakuhachi_small Phil Nyokai James teaches shakuhachi, a Japanese bamboo flute, in Portland, Maine. For Phil and his students, the lessons of the shakuhachi extend beyond the music to teach them about listening and presence in their daily lives. Produced while Seidl was a student at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies.

From a review by Hal Sokolow, January 29, 2008:

***** Contemplative, Inspiring, Thoughtful

Excellent opportunity to stop, not look, just listen. My favorite reflection brought up in this narrative is (paraphrased): Don't ask yourself "What should you do today, but how should you be today." This statement can be debated just like a chicken-or-the-egg question, however it's sufficient that its phrasing can stir thinking. It puts life in a somewhat different perspecitve and focus. What are our priorities? What should be our priorities? Where should we start? Overall, this submission's short collection of sounds, music and comments, effectively draws you in to the simple, yet often overlooked, portal to the world of sounds, environmental and self produced, that can take you to a different state of awareness, a peaceful meditative state where nothing needs to be done, and everything can be noticed, absorbed, and appreciated. Through a combination of soft meditative background music and insightful musings, the listener is rewarded with a light pathway towards heavier meanings.