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The What's in a Song series delves deeper into the stories behind the songs.


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Eva Castellanos, a curandero in Nyssa, Oregon, employs massage, herbs, and prayer to help those who seek her healing.

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Music historian Bill C. Malone recalls his family gathering around their first radio to listen to old country songs like "The Last Letter."

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Musician Cipriano Vigil describes the myth that inspired the song "La Llorona".


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British pianist Leslie Howard tells the story behind this familiar Scottish classic.

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Songwriter Dave Alvin describes his song "Man in the Bed" which tells the story of the last day of his father's life.

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Ecologist Larry Stevens sings the saga of the Humpback Chubb, a small odd-looking fish that lives at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and which has ...

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Rosalie Sorrels sings about the gardens her two Irish grandmothers used to keep, and how the flowers they grew were a reflection of their very diff...

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Curly Musgrave talks about "Escalante Adios" his ballad that gives a cowboy's perspective of the establishment of a national monument in Southern U...

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Navajo singer Alger Greyeyes sings of the beauty of food and the meaning of a bounty from the earth.

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A musical and poetic celebration of the Christmas holiday from the open ranges of America's outback.

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