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Americana is a half-hour magazine, going out every Sunday evening, 52 weeks a year on BBC Radio 4, the UK’s premiere speech network. The program also airs on the BBC World Service. Americana complements the BBC's news coverage with a mixture of location reporting, interviews and studio discussion focused on the United States.



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How about a flight with Amelia Earhart? Only this distant relative has no record of crashing - this Amelia Earhart sticks to reporting the traffic ...

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How do you buy a skyscraper? What are they worth and are they good value? For Americana, Matt Frei speaks to a man in Manhattan who deals in high r...

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Caption: NASA, Credit: NASA
Matt Frei looks at how the space industry helped racial integration. 40 years on from those first steps on the moon, Morgan Watson was one of the f...

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An example of a PRX feature that BBC Americana bought in and tweaked for the play out on the programme. The piece came orginally from Jacob Fenston...

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