Third Coast Live Radio Theater

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  • Location: Mill Valley, California

B.Kaarina Turning account.


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Jazzers pray, meditate, and listen. This series interviews various members of the community in southern Marin county. David Harris, a politically active thoughtful citizen, traveled life's paths from "Boy of America" to conscientious objector; married Joan Baez, devout father of two, shares his spiritual practice.

Caption: The Dooliez, Credit: BK Turning
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Mother Dooley prepares for the Girl Scout Cookie Bake-off, but is literally frozen due to her bad back and immoveable knees to get the cookies done in time. Father Dooley wishes he could help, but he's stuck in his chair. Buzz Conklin rescues the day with a mechanical hoist. Good deeds do not go punished.


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Radio ridiculous defines the game of basketball. Bob, an avuncular character, helps a "less than savvy" individual understand the basics of his n...

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A rustic picnic adventure turns steamy, as Wonderduck calls in the troopers, for Mr. McCulley, who has tripped and fallen (face first) into a geyse...

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A short, lighthearted look at the significance of service played out with the "Retroactive Radio Ensemble" Series. In this piece, we feature orally...

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Tribute to Old Time Radio's sketch about two 'bovinian compadres" (cow-folk) who plainly forgot how to dismount from their horses. Struggling to r...

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David Harris, best known for standing down a Vietnam Era draft and paying his time in solitary confinement, authored many books on politics and so...

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Caption: The Dooliez, Credit: BK Turning
America's biggest family of three, the Dooleys, generously lend a hand to the Girl Scout's cookie bake off. Mother Dooley can't meet the deadline...

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Caption: Along Mt. Tam River
Rich history of Sausalito, California, once the sex and drug capitol of the San Francisco Bay Area, has gentrified houseboat living. Hosting our t...

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The agony and angst of a self examined life of a politician, lawyer and jazzer.

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Drop in for jazz stations: The Divine Inspiration in a Jazzer ...

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Another San Franciscan Entertainment Icon, gone. This is his memorial party, and some of the characters recalling who he was, and what he stood for.

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