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Littleglobe is committed to interdisciplinary, collaborative art projects that foster life-affirming connections across the boundaries that divide us. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Littleglobe partners with local, national and international communities to create rigorous artistic works that create meaningful relationships, empower individuals and communities, and reflect the power of our social imagination.

Founded in 2003 by Judy Goldberg, Youth Media Project (now a program of Littleglobe) initiated classes, trainings and a regular youth-produced radio show called Audio Revolution!, for over twelve years. The complete archive of the Audio Revolution! radio show is available here, as well as new radio productions by Littleglobe media artists.


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Audio Revolution! is a youth-produced radio show based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Caption: SFHS Innovation Academy youth producers
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A series of discussions between Littleglobe mentors and students at Santa Fe High School's Innovation Academy.


Caption: Col. Villa
A student at United World College, Nelson Diaz Monterrosa, worked with Youth Media Project's Summer Intensive 2010 to produce this moving piece abo...

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Caption: by Josephnovak33 on Flickr
"Family Tree" is a short piece written and produced by Andres Ortiz. His piece is a journey into Ortiz's unknown family history. Growing up being...

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Caption: photo by Hamed Saber from Flickr
"In The Land Of Summer" is a fictional piece written by Marzia Dessi. Marzia's land of the summer can be seen as an allegory for growing up or the ...

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  • Length: 03:23
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Audio Revolution hosts Shawnelle Chavez and Gabe Rima welcome the Santa Fe Indian School’s Spoken Word team into the studio at KSFR, just back from...

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Caption: Youth Media Project at Parliament of the World's Religions
Members of the Youth Media Project’s Global Broadcasting Team host this broadcast to share stories from their recent trip to cover the 2009 Parliam...

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Caption: Graffitti , Credit: Tattooed JJ
From The Santa Fe Indian School, Kayleen Duran created this piece about why she thinks it's important to enjoy, believe and dream.

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  • Length: 01:44
Caption: From jungmoon's Flickr
Justine Teba of Pojoaque Valley High School was a participant in Youth Media Project's 2010 Summer Intensive. In this reflective piece, Justine sh...

  • Added: Jan 07, 2011
  • Length: 02:00
Caption: by Rayani Melo from Flickr
Esmerelda Gonzales-Munoz's "The Love I Felt For You" shares with us her story about love. Created during Youth Media Project's 2010 Summer Intensiv...

  • Added: Jan 07, 2011
  • Length: 03:20
Caption: By stevendepolo @ flickr
"Sew Spot Sew" is an audio piece by Sergio Gonzales, who strongly advocates DYI -- Do It Yourself, a movement that began in the late '50s. Since th...

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Caption: photo by: snap® @
Producer Dolna Smithback traveled down under to Melbourne, Australia with Youth Media Project’s Global Broadcasting Team to cover events at the Par...

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  • Length: 08:46