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Littleglobe is committed to interdisciplinary, collaborative art projects that foster life-affirming connections across the boundaries that divide us. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Littleglobe partners with local, national and international communities to create rigorous artistic works that create meaningful relationships, empower individuals and communities, and reflect the power of our social imagination.

Founded in 2003 by Judy Goldberg, Youth Media Project (now a program of Littleglobe) initiated classes, trainings and a regular youth-produced radio show called Audio Revolution!, for over twelve years. The complete archive of the Audio Revolution! radio show is available here, as well as new radio productions by Littleglobe media artists.


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Audio Revolution! is a youth-produced radio show based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Caption: SFHS Innovation Academy youth producers
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A series of discussions between Littleglobe mentors and students at Santa Fe High School's Innovation Academy.


Caption: Photo by @Doug88888, Flickr
Fernando Palacios, a junior at Capital High School, shares this exquisite poem about addictions to prescription pill.

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Caption: Photo by Ed Yourdon, Flickr
Youth Media Project was selected by the Kennedy Center, as one of ten leading media programs in the country, to produce media stories responding to...

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Caption: Photo by conorwithonen, Flickr
Gabriel Martinez, a seventh grader, wrote this thoughtful and moving letter to his unknown father.

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Caption: Photo by @Doug88888, Flickr
Max Kalyani, a senior at ATC, reflects on his experience with music and why music is important in this refreshing and fun commentary.

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Chloe Espinosa, a student at a Catholic school in Santa Fe, NM, explores the issue of gay rights in the context of religion. She interviews a local...

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Caption: Photo of Ryan Lawless, Facebook
“Kids are worried about what they’ll be and parents worry about their children not doing anything (or enough) with their life. This piece should gi...

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Caption: Photo by Wonderlane, Flickr
“Little Lost Fish” was created by Marga Blanco. Having just moved to the USA two months prior to joining YMP’s and SFAI’s Summer Intensive, she mad...

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Caption: Photo by Per Ola Wiberg ~ Powi, Flickr
“My piece is merely a collection of poems I wrote. I made them as personal as possible.” What Ari Rappaport said about his YMP/SFAI Summer Intensi...

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Caption: Photo by Marius Dollinger, Flicker
“Three pages about life in the shelter and overcoming problems” - Mercedes Downing

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Caption: Photo by praram, Flickr
“My piece is about what kind of love there is and what love is, what mistakes I’ve done and how love is hard. It’s me expressing my feeling about w...

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