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There are no silver bullets in health care. Economists, physicians and researchers are on the record saying that even the most well-intentioned plans to fix issues like unaffordable insurance, high prescription drug prices and inequitable care for marginalized patients carry risk and unintended consequences.

Tradeoffs examines research, outlines policy pros and cons and chronicles how policy impacts spending and people with the mission of helping folks on Main Street, Wall Street and Capitol Hill have smarter, more honest conversations about health policy.

Hosted by long time public radio reporter Dan Gorenstein (Marketplace, NHPR), Tradeoffs is a weekly podcast that tells intellectually engaging, emotionally resonant stories about the complicated, costly and often counterintuitive world of health care. Dan is available for ME/ATC two-ways about any of the topics we cover.




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Patients are now mostly protected from surprise bills, but doctors and insurers are still fighting about the prices.

  • Added: Apr 15, 2024
  • Length: 17:20
Caption: Kevin Carlson ringside at Monday Night Raw., Credit: Tradeoffs/Leslie Waker
As adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities strive to live more freely and fully than ever before, many of America’s doctors, hospit...

  • Added: Mar 27, 2024
  • Length: 27:55
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A bipartisan bill takes aim at a $500 billion health care problem that few people have ever heard of. Will it make care better for some of the coun...

  • Added: Mar 20, 2024
  • Length: 19:17
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With high health bills drowning patients in debt, some lawmakers want nonprofit hospitals to give away more free care. But experts warn that could ...

  • Added: Mar 01, 2024
  • Length: 15:44
Caption: Steven Petrow (R) and Jay Petrow (L) kiss their sister Julie Petrow-Cohen. Julie used New Jersey’s medical aid in dying law after a six-year battle with ovarian cancer., Credit: Courtesy of the Petrow family
A handful of states allow terminally ill people to take life-ending medications prescribed by a doctor instead of waiting for death. This week, we ...

  • Added: Feb 28, 2024
  • Length: 21:12
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Companies claim they can catch cancer sooner with new blood tests and full-body MRI scans. What are the risks and benefits?

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  • Added: Feb 19, 2024
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Caption: Tradeoffs host Dan Gorenstein, ONC Director Micky Tripathi and Oracle Health Government Services Chief Health Officer James Ellzy onstage in Washington, D.C., at the ONC Annual Meeting on Dec. 15, 2023.
A live conversation between a top federal health official and a health care executive about how they must work together to keep AI from exacerbatin...

  • Added: Feb 14, 2024
  • Length: 24:19
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Key court decisions in 2024 about prescription drug prices, abortion bans, gender affirming care and the Affordable Care Act could change the way h...

  • Added: Feb 02, 2024
  • Length: 18:49
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Fentanyl killed 75,000 people in 2022. Now it’s making one of the few treatments for opioid addiction harder to use.

  • Added: Jan 26, 2024
  • Length: 23:50
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One out of every four Medicare patients in the hospital is the victim of a medical error. Over the past 20 years, a growing number of hospitals hav...

  • Added: Nov 17, 2023
  • Length: 22:59