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Our podcast features global reporting on the front lines of the planet’s most urgent issues — from terrorism to global warming to income inequality.

Veteran correspondent and GroundTruth Project founder Charles Sennott partners with the next generation of international reporters to tell stories that will change the way you see the world and the journalists who cover it.


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The first episodes of the podcast are part of our in-depth series, Foreverstan, a special report that explores the impact of the longest American war on the people of Afghanistan.

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4 Pieces

This is actually America's second opioid crisis. The first is much older. Now, the old and new epidemics exist just a few miles apart from one another in New York City. We go to the Bronx, Staten Island and Long Island to explore what caused the crisis, what's being done about it, and how denial and stigma are fueling a record number of overdose deaths.


Caption: The Whistleblower, Credit: The Ground Truth Project
To mark the passing of Daniel Ellsberg of the Pentagon Papers, the GroundTruth Project presents a special one hour program that traces the path o...

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Caption: The Whistleblower, Credit: Josh Coe
To mark the 50th anniversary of the release of the Pentagon Papers, the GroundTruth Podcast presents a special one hour radio program that traces t...

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Caption: The End of Days, Credit: Gustave Doré
The GroundTruth Project and WGBH News go inside the movement of Christian Zionism, its potent political alliances, the hundreds of millions of doll...

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Caption: Ahmad Naffory is pictured on a Beirut rooftop. He founded the band Assa'aleek,  but after being denied re-entry to Lebanon,  was granted asylum in the Netherlands. The band endures without him, and he has continued making music in his new home., Credit: Photo courtesy of Mohamad Khayata
Ahmad Naffory fell in love with the guitar in a Syrian grocery store, but he didn't know that his music would cause him to flee his home for anothe...

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On Long Island, the rate of death from opioid overdose is rising the fastest in all of New York. Here, providers are being trained in basic communi...

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In the South Bronx, healthcare providers here are pioneering an approach that is way ahead of the rest of the country. This system, where all of th...

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Rampant prescriptions for painkillers laid the foundation for a deadly heroin epidemic in the mostly white, blue-collar community of Staten Island....

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The South Bronx, New York's poorest neighborhood, has been dealing with a deadly heroin epidemic for generations. We look at the origins of the epi...

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The epic journey of a group of Syrian refugees brought together by a famous sweets shop called Salloura. Syrian-American correspondent Dalia Morta...

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How do you convince the conservative men of Afghanistan to get behind girls' education? This is the story of one determined Afghan woman who seems...

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