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  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Each week, public radio’s award-winning HUMANKIND profiles the doers and dreamers who strive to make our planet a more humane and livable place. With host David Freudberg, produced in association with WGBH/Boston.


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Evergreen episodes from the award-winning series that presents voices of hope and humanity, by David Freudberg. Produced in association with WGBH/Boston.

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Audio documentaries from Human Media and producer David Freudberg.

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Weekly, subscribable series for Humankind, written and hosted by David Freudberg and produced in association with WGBH/Boston.

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A series of four one-hour documentaries that explore the story of peacemakers in various spiritual traditions.


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The recent upsurge of COVID-19 highlights the need for resilience among our health care professionals, as explored in this Humankind Special by Dav...

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  • Added: Feb 17, 2015
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A powerful documentary about how treating the whole person fits into the new health care era. In this sound-rich program, doctors, nurses, patients...

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Ideal for broadcast late-Summer / early- Fall, this new 1-hr. documentary from Humankind examines the epidemic of high anxiety among secondary scho...

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How could a nation founded on a Declaration that "all men are created equal" permit slavery? Nowhere was this contradiction more stark than at the ...

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Memorialized in a Bob Dylan song and an Academy Award nominated Denzel Washington film, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter was a successful prize fighter, wh...

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Caption: Annie Leonard - "The Story of Stuff'"
This special profiles people from different backgrounds who seek to get past the consumer frenzy of the December holidays, and to focus more on aut...

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With federal support for public transit hanging in the balance, this sound-rich series (two one-hour documentaries) examines how our personal trans...

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With transportation jobs on the line, this sound-rich series (two one-hour documentaries) examines how our personal transportation choices - privat...

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Ideal for broadcast around July 4th: America's founders knew their democracy required informed citizens, but is quality journalism now threatened b...

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Caption: VAN JONES, founder of Green for All, Credit: Courtesy Richard Hume, Experience Life magazine
Environmental visionary Van Jones, former White House special adviser for green jobs, is featured

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