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So many stories! Here are dozens of features produced by audio students at the University of Montana School of Journalism.


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20 Pieces

These nonscripted stories were edited from longer oral histories filed with the Library of Congress' Veterans History Project. That project, the largest of its kind, was created to record and preserve the experience of war in the words of those who served.

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Reported news features exploring the struggle to find and stay in affordable housing in and near Missoula, Montana, during an historic boom.

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Advanced Audio students at the University of Montana take a darker approach to radio valentines.

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My cousin who was a cop, my grandmother who went to an American Indian boarding school... A series of meaningful stories.

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18 Pieces

Reported news features and sound portraits linked to federal recognition of the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians. Produced by advanced audio students at the University of Montana School of Journalism as part of the Native News Honors Project.

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Rest Stop Radio is a podcast with stories about people traveling from here to there on I-90, the longest interstate in the country. Our stories come from Montana, the state with the largest stretch of that road. Produced by students in the Advanced Audio class at the University of Montana School of Journalism taught by Jule Gardner Banville.

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15 Pieces

A reporting project by the University of Montana School of Journalism exploring what happens with families, the criminal justice system, addicts, counselors and others dealing with a surging meth problem.


Caption: Aeris Barnhill
Alicia McAlpine talked with Aeris Barnhill, who found out in high school she had a brain tumor. It changed how she grew into adulthood and also wha...

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Caption: Midge Jarrett
Mia McKinney talked to Midge Jarrett, who grew up on a ranch in Eastern Montana. She lives in Missoula now and was regularly driving two hours to s...

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Caption: Monica Caye with a custom gesture near Flathead Lake
Evan Smith talked with his grandmother, Monica Caye, who asked when she was 16 to leave Polson, Montana, to go to Flandreau Indian School in South ...

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Caption: Jamie Merifield, left, collects evidence on the job in Montana.
Allison Simko talked with her cousin, Jamie Merifield, a cop and hostage negotiator in Missoula, Montana, for 23 years. She never forgot a woman sh...

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Caption: Franki Baldwin
Logan Hart talked to his roommate at the University of Montana, Franki Baldwin. For most of his life, Franki didn't know much about his biological ...

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Caption: Isabel Camara and her twin Katherine as kids in New Jersey
Isabel Camara's dad worked in finance on 9/11 and had a meeting at the top of the towers that day he never went to. After arriving at his stop in N...

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Caption: Leah Schmidt, Credit: Emma Smith
Jazzie Johnson talked with her friend from college, Leah Schmidt, as she opened a folder with correspondence from the mother who gave her up for ad...

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Caption: You don't belong here, Walleye
The story of two walleye that ended up where they're not supposed to be and the scientists who could possibly solve this unsolvable crime. They cal...

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Caption: Rest In Power, Indy
Employees of Montana's beloved alt-weekly, the Missoula Independent, woke up on a Tuesday ready to put another week's issue to bed and found they w...

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Caption: Dick Slater, left, and Tom Stage, right.
A couple of old friends who are the voices of the women's basketball in Montana had a defining moment that started with a phone call. "And he said,...

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