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Who Owns Science? A Story About Bugs.

From University of Montana Journalism | 06:57

Until recently, bug specimens collected on federal land had to be returned as government property, even if they're dead and pulverized. The rules are changing, but they're no less complicated. Produced by grad student Nicky Ouellet [wuh-LET].

Bug_collection_small Stewardship when it comes to bug collections is messy. If they come from federal land, they either have to be returned, regardless of conditions, or must be sent to a major institution like the Smithsonian for proper cataloging. But the Smithsonian has somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 million bugs and it's nowhere near able to keep up with what the federal government wants... yesterday. It puts some scientists into two camps: rebels who can't then name a new species because they didn't follow the rules or rule-followers who get backlogged waiting. This engaging 7-minute piece gets there in pretty fun ways. Produced by Nicky Ouellet [wuh-LET].