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Long Haul Productions documents stories of everyday lives, stories of people and communities in transition, and stories of ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things. When we choose a story, we're really in it for the long haul: we spend months, sometimes years, getting to know our characters. These are documentaries that mark the course of human life: they're inherently dramatic, immediate, and true. As such, they yield some of the most memorable programming in American media today. We're a not-for-profit corporation run by longtime producer Dan Collison, and his radio partner Elizabeth Meister. We've produced fifty radio documentaries for National Public Radio over the last eight years, and count the prestigious duPont-Columbia baton among our many honors. Our video documentaries have aired on HBO and the Travel Channel, and we've won attention from other journalists at the New York Times, LA Times, Atlanta Constitution, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, and Chicago Reader.


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The American Worker Series examines the meaning of work in people's lives.

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Two stories following a single woman in her forties as she tries to become a mother.

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People tell their stories as they respond to profound and fundamental change in the places they call home.

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Long Haul Productions’ award-winning Song/Story series marks an innovative approach in radio journalism: collaborative storytelling that blends carefully-crafted interview and documentary tape with original songs written as an integral part of the story’s narrative

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A three part radio documentary profiling artist Gary Greff’s attempt to save his dying Great Plains hometown by building giant metal sculptures along a lonely strip of county road.

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An account of one the most bizarre plays in baseball history.

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Long-term profiles of Americans in transition explore how people cope with changes in their lives -- how they handle adversity, how they measure their successes and failures.


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Just in time for Valentine's Day and the biggest dog show in the world - the 139th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden...

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A week in the life of a woman in Chicago attempting to escape a physically and emotionally abusive marriage.

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Caption: Lance Corporal Nicholas Rodriguez
Nicholas Rodriguez joined the Marines because he thought he could make a difference. His service changed Nick–and his family–forever. Nick’s mom &...

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Caption: Russian boar hybrids at Baker's Green Acres in Marion, Michigan
The story of what happened when the state of Michigan outlawed the possession of Russian Boar.

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Caption: Charles Lewis, Jr and his mother during his sentencing hearing, Credit: mlive.com
The anatomy of a sentencing hearing for a juvenile in Michigan facing life in prison without the possibility of parole. Charles Lewis, Jr was 13 wh...

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Caption: coqui frog, Credit: long haul productions
The Coqui, a tiny, but very vociferous tree frog, is the national symbol of Puerto Rico, beloved in folklore and in song. But while the coqui’s lus...

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Caption: Coast Guard tower, Baudette, MN, Credit: long haul productions
Producers Elizabeth Meister and Dan Collison of Long Haul Productions journeyed to Baudette, MN to find out just how 370 songbirds ended up in a f...

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Caption: duck walking on fish at linesville spillway, Credit: long haul productions
Long Haul Productions teamed up with musician Tim Fite to tell the fishy tale of the fight for the right to throw bread at the Linesville Spillway ...

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Caption: natural gas well, Credit: long haul productions
Producers Dan Collison and Elizabeth Meister traveled to Arkansas to talk to people about what's going on under their feet ... both the extraction ...

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The impact on the Asian Carp on people living in rural Illinois and plans to stop it.

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