Curie Youth Radio

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  • Location: Chicago, IL

At Curie Youth Radio, a workshop at Curie High School on Chicago's Southwest Side, students write, record, and produce their own pieces about everything from snowball fights to gang warfare.

We work with ProTools, and we collect our sound from our high school hallways, our families' kitchen tables, and anywhere else the train takes us.



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A collage of love notes, tardy slips, and other detritus collected from high school garbage cans.

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  • Added: Aug 15, 2005
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Gloria reads through her 21-year-old brother's letters from prison -- and finally replies.

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The struggle to accept that your parent didn't put you first.

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A teenager who's bounced around the foster care system for years asks her biological mom where she's been.

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An apology and a plea for a mother's understanding when a son joins the Marines.

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Two teen moms talk honestly with high school interviewers about what happened when they found out they were pregnant, how they told their boyfriend...

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Tonette sends an audio postcard from her favorite Chicago block: we eavesdrop on the guys at the corner, see Ms. P come out onto her porch, and hea...

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An exploration of the subculture of "graffiti art": three teen taggers -- not gang affiliated -- talk about their love for climbing light poles and...

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18 year old Giancarlo remembers his mother's lullabies.

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