Curie Youth Radio

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  • Location: Chicago, IL

At Curie Youth Radio, a workshop at Curie High School on Chicago's Southwest Side, students write, record, and produce their own pieces about everything from snowball fights to gang warfare.

We work with ProTools, and we collect our sound from our high school hallways, our families' kitchen tables, and anywhere else the train takes us.



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Excerpts from the diary of a girl who insists that self-mutilation is saving her life.

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David was born premature, at great risk to his mother. He imagines the day of his birth.

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Teenagers fight to be seen as unique. But often, adults just see...teenagers.

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Why we cut class and where we go, really.

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Overcrowded schools mean sixth grade in a mobile unit, seventh grade at a highschool.

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A nephew sends an audio gift and remembrance to his tia.

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Funny and touching teenage memories of fall and winter, mixed with seasonal sounds.

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Snippets of a teenager's life after evacuating New Orleans and starting again in Chicago

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Sitting in the gym, watching the girls play b-ball, and trying to pretend you belong.

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