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Review of Dealing With Loss

Death is an issue we all have to deal with at some point in our lives. Yet, knowing this doesn't make it any easier to handle or understand.

"Dealing with Loss" is a journey into the questions a teenage girl asks about life and the loss of. The writing of this piece is very good. Her descriptions bring us in- allowing the listener to see and feel what she does. Alternating between personal contemplation and the voices of those that she has sought for support.

I must say again, I was impressed with the writing, ...its part storytelling, part internal dialogue and part interviews and conversation. The layering effect of voices is simply done and works well. I enjoy pieces that make me stop and reflect and THIS does that. Without visuals to woo, audio work really has to work hard to maintain a listener's attention. i believe the writer did an outstanding job on this.

Improvements? just a few things I noticed. the narrative sounds like it is being read rather than spoke, I would try to make it a little more conversational as if talking to a friend. There are a couple production areas that could be a little tighter and a litlle smoother fades- some cleaning up. Basically minimal fine tuning and another voice over would make this perfect.

thanks for sharing this!