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Caption: President Harry Truman holds up a copy of the Chicago Tribune with the inaccurate headline: Dewey Defeats Truman., Credit: public domain
2023 is the 75th anniversary of one of the biggest political upsets in American political history (although the documentary does not mention the 75...

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Caption: President Johnson with Kerner Commission, Credit: LBJ Library
Uprisings and riots by African Americans in 1967 left white people shocked and surprised. A presidential commission was assigned to look into why i...

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Caption: Bill and Odelle Berkley shortly after they got married.
Here's a WWII love story you've not heard before.

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Caption: The DeBoer-Rowse family is challenging Michigan's ban on same-sex marriage., Credit: Lester Graham, Michigan Radio
Examines legal discrimination of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in Michigan.

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Caption: Kennedy challenging university students to serve the Third World., Credit: University of Michigan
This compelling documentary explains how a John F. Kennedy challenge to college students ultimately became the Peace Corps. It explores Kennedy's...

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The history of Chuck Berry and rock & roll.

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Paul Winter Consort's history of using nature's voices.

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Veterans Day was originally Armistice Day, the day that World War I was to end. Here's one veteran's experiences.

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