Series for Daniel Wargo

Caption: 'Apollo And Diana In Waldiger', Credit: Lucas Cranach The Elder
76 Pieces

'Renaissance Fables For The World' presents 76 programs of 5 minutes each. We explore the fable literature of four great authors: Leonardo da Vinci, Bartolomeo Scala, Leon Battista Alberti and Bernadino Baldi. These spoken word readings take place within a context of appropriate renaissance music accompaniment.

Caption: 'The Hayride' With Two Hour Programs...
105 Pieces

'The Hayride' expands to 2 hours in this new series on PRX. Programmed with as much music as possible, 'The Hayride' continues to explore and celebrate the roots music of North America with a variety of styles such as Bluegrass, Folk, Alternative Country, Country Swing-Jazz, Rockabilly, Cajun, Mountain, Spoken Word Poetry and more.

Series image
165 Pieces

'New Electric Music For The Twenty-First Century' delivers to your audience the very best of new and experimental modern music...There are two hours of sound in each of the programs...We also explore the seminal influences of twentieth century Rock upon this new music. Dynamic electric sound abounds in this Series as we explore, focus on and celebrate the audacious and unique contributions of 'New Electric Music For The Twenty-First Century'.

Caption: 'The Hayride'...Music of the People of North America...
215 Pieces

'The Hayride' is a series of 215 programs that are 1 hour in length, and present mountain, bluegrass, alternative country, folk and other roots music styles of North America.This program series pays tribute to the people's music that is at once traditional but can be modern in its approach...'The Hayride' presents a variety in roots music for all audiences to enjoy.

Series image
267 Pieces

'The Stone Age'...A series of programs of the Electric Sound that defined the 60's and 70's...The electric music that became the symbol of worldwide cultural change, the harbinger of a new time, a new world....This series of programs has been regularly scheduled on public radio stations since 2004 in California, Montana, Indiana, Alaska, Texas, Iowa, Ohio, Minnesota, Florida, Missouri, New York, India and sometimes Leicester, England.