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Caption: Gabby Pahinui with sons and friends. Gabby album insert 1972, Credit: Panini Records
Gabby Pahinui is a legend in Hawaiian music and is known as the “Father of Modern Slack Key Guitar.” He was a driving force behind the Hawaiian cul...

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Caption: North Korean missile test , Credit:  Courtesy the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency
As tensions escalate between North Korea and the United States, Hawaii finds itself on the frontlines in preparing for a nuclear attack. Whether or...

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Caption: Limahuli Garden and Preserve is set in a verdant tropical valley on the north shore of the Hawaiian Island of Kaua`i, Credit: Courtesy National Tropical Botanical Garden
Explore Limahuli Garden and Preserve on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, where scientists believe the legacy of ancient Hawaiian farmers can show the ...

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Caption: Tyrus Wong at his home in CA in 2004, Credit: Courtesy Walt Disney Family Museum
Tyrus Wong, a pioneering Chinese American artist who created the look of the movie, "Bambi," left a great legacy and continues to inspire artists a...

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Caption: Lyle Ritz, Father of Jazz Ukulele, Credit: Elizabeth Maihock Beloff
A tribute to Lyle Ritz, the "Father of Jazz Ukulele," who also played bass on many of the biggest pop hits in history as a member of the legendary ...

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Caption: Moana and Maui sail toward land in this concept drawing for the movie, Credit: Walt Disney Studios
Disney’s latest animated movie, “Moana,” is riding a wave of popularity around the globe. Nominated for two Academy Awards this year, Native Hawaii...

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Caption: The Hawaiian voyaging canoe Hokulea, Credit: Courtesy Oiwi TV & the Polynesian Voyaging Society
The legendary Hawaiian voyaging canoe, Hokulea, is sailing around the world using the ancient art of wayfinding, navigating without instruments. Th...

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Caption: Gabby Pahinui (center), playing music in his backyard with Leland “Atta” Isaacs (left), and his sons – Phillip, Cyril and Martin Pahinui (from left to right).  , Credit: Photo courtesy of the Pahinui Ohana.
The groundbreaking soundtrack of "The Descendants," marks the first time a Hollywood movie has ever been scored entirely with Hawaiian music. It fe...

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Caption: "Hawaii Five-0" filming on location, Credit: Mario Perez/CBS
Hawaii is becoming a growing hub for TV and Film production thanks to the series reboot of "Hawaii Five-0," and recent movies like "The Descendants...

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Caption: Hawaii Five-0 stars, Credit: CBS
Hawaii is growing more popular as a destination for TV and film production. And now the show that put it on the map is back. The new Hawaii Five-...

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Caption: Ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro, Credit: Heidi Chang
The Hawaii Ukulele Festival attracts thousands of people from around the globe. Hear from musicians like Jake Shimabukuro, who's inspiring a resurg...

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Caption: Making a run to leave the island in the final episode of "Lost.", Credit: Mario Perez ABC
After six years, "Lost," one of the most successful dramatic series in prime TV has come to an end. Heidi Chang spoke with the cast and producers ...

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Caption: Father Damien, Credit:
The Belgian priest, known as Father Damien, was recently declared a saint for his extraordinary service in caring for patients with Hansen's diseas...

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Caption: Excavating sites like this one in China link China's ancient seafarers with people throughout the Pacific, Credit: Bishop Museum
The origin of people living on islands throughout the Pacific has been a mystery for years. Now some archaeologists in Hawaii believe they have th...

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Caption: Bla Pahinui: Singer and Guitar Player, Credit: Jon de Mello | The Mountain Apple Company
Hawaiian singer and guitar player, Bla Pahinui, is known for his own distinct voice and for carrying on the legacy of his father, Gabby Pahinui, on...

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Caption: Kealii Reichel Live in Concert, Credit: Punahele Productions
Hawaiian musician Keali`i Reichel is sharing his passion for Hawaiian language, music and dance in a groundbreaking DVD--the first to offer subtitl...

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Caption: Students watch as their teachers--former ping pong champions from China, demonstrate their skills, Credit: Heidi Chang
The Confucius Institute in Hawaii is attracting teachers and students nationwide to participate in a unique summer camp. It's the only camp that t...

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Caption: Barack Obama, Credit: Gig Greenwood
Family and friends who knew Barack Obama when he was growing up in the Aloha State share their insight about how Hawaii helped shape his character ...

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Piece image
Madelyn Dunham, inspired not only her grandson, Barack Obama, America's 44th president, but also many others. In Hawaii, Dunham is remembered as a...

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Caption: Barack Obama on Kailua Beach, Credit: Mike Burley | The Honolulu Star-Bulletin  August 2008
In the midst of non-stop campaigning, presidential candidates all need a place to rest and recharge. For Barack Obama, it's important for him to r...

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