Series for David Weinberg

Caption: The Original Random Tape Zine
60 Pieces

Random Tape is a radio show of only the finest auditory ephemera.

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5 Pieces

Poems from several New Orleans poets including Thaddeus Conti, David Rowe and Joseph Bienvenu.

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All the pieces in this series were edited from two long sessions recorded in the old band room of Colton Middle School in New Orleans. The school reopened briefly after Katrina but had to close after two months because the mold was too toxic. It sat empty for three years until a group of artists renovated the building and turned the classrooms into artist studios. I got the old band room. Thaddeus came over with some poems and Sunni and Josh played provided live accompaniment. Herbie and Joseph sat on the floor and listened.

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31 Pieces

Unique Tales of Life and Culture in New Orleans