All Pieces for Alex Wise

Caption: Bill Kreutzmann
This week on Sea Change Radio we have the honor of visiting with Bill Kreutzmann, original drummer of the Grateful Dead, and organic gardener. Host...

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Caption: Leilani Munter
Auto racing, also known as burning tons of fossil fuel to drive really fast in circles, has got to be one of the most environmentally unfriendly us...

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Caption: Andrew Revkin, Credit: NY Times
The United Nations forecasts that by 2050 the world’s population will exceed 9 billion. How will that affect life on the local level, on the global...

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  • Length: 29:33
Caption: Paul Ehrlich
It took humankind 1800 years to get from a global population of about 200 million to 1 billion. But it only took us 200 years to go from a billion ...

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Caption: Gabe Zichermann
This week on Sea Change Radio, we talk to game theory expert Gabe Zichermann, about how gamification - the concept of using fun, engaging challenge...

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Caption: Vaclav Smil
Last on Sea Change Radio, we heard from renowned energy expert Vaclav Smil, as he spoke about his book, Energy Transitions, the future of electric ...

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  • Length: 30:00
Caption: Vaclav Smil
This week on Sea Change Radio, a rare interview with renowned energy expert and futurist, Vaclav Smil. A Distinguished Professor in the Faculty of ...

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  • Length: 29:40
Caption: Jonathan Bloom
This week’s guests on Sea Change Radio both are waste crusaders in their own unique ways. First, host Alex Wise speaks with conceptual artist Matth...

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