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Comment for "Jaron's Story of Coming Out"

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Review of Jaron's Story of Coming Out

First off, I'd like to say the message in this piece is great. It shows how a family can accept someone's way of life instead of shunning it like most. Also the message of how someone can stay strong against those who seek to bring others down is powerful.

The only problem I had with this was at some points, mostly in the beginning, it was hard to hear his voice over the music. Besides that, the music was fitting, although the lyrics might have taken attention away under his voice.

All in all, a well done piece, and it deserves to be heard.

Comment for "Saying Good Bye To Food"

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Review of Saying Good Bye To Food

This story was a grand display of human emotion. It tells a tale of how obesity is a major problem, and how one guy made his own decisions to prevent another death from obesity. What really worked was when your family told you that exercise and eating healthier was something you HAD to do, while the doctor on the talk show said it was nigh impossible. It told the world how the main solution to a big problem wasn't exactly the answer, dedication or not.

Music or not, I thought the piece still functioned well. Your narration was well done, and the inclusion of the everday conversations worked. Although they didn't come across as totally natural, but that is something that happens when someone has a mic join in the conversation.

All in all, a great piece, and I thought it was professionally done. Bravo.