Letter From A. Broad

Series produced by Muriel Murch

Caption: A Broad at Home, Credit: Walter Murch
Image by: Walter Murch 
A Broad at Home 

Letter from A. Broad starts with a picture and a pang of the heart. From there it must beat into life, be penned as a letter and finally produced into a radio broadcast.

At the end of an extended time away in London, Murch wrote the first of her Letters from A. Broad. Though she has since returned to California she still travels frequently with her husband while producing a biweekly Letter From A. Broad.
Letter from A. Broad airs on kwmr.org during 'Good Morning West Marin,' hosted by Susan Deixler. Pete Horner www.mixmonkey.com composed and performed the theme music.
This is a 1200 word letter written and produced with sound effects suitable for a morning show or other general public affairs program. Times out at under 10 minutes.
The script will be available in the upload.

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Caption: Statue of Prime Minister Charles James Fox, Credit: Walter Murch
A view of the general election held in the United Kingdom on May 6 2010

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Caption: Gardeners on the ground, Credit: Beatrice Murch
From the philanthropic women of Washing to DC to a group of international environmentalists in Buenos Aires, A few good women can make a difference...

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Caption: Crowds at the Plaza de Mayo, Credit: Walter Murch
March 24th is Truth and Justice Day, a national holiday in Argentina.

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Caption: Apples at the ready, Credit: Muriel Murch
After the equinox there is the apple harvest. This is when summer bows out to autumn.Forsome

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Caption: The Starlite Express stops for a breather, Credit: Muriel Murch
Taking the Train through California past and presentAmtracknow

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Caption: Arthur and Aggie, Credit: Walter Murch
The Santa Monica Pier and Arthur Lessac turned 100 years old on September 9th

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Caption: Fox and Ducks, Credit: Muriel Murch
Young foxes need to leave the farm. An old fox leaves the Senate floor

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Caption: Farmers ready to Bid, Credit: Beatrice Murch
The Feria de Mataderos in Buenos Aires is the biggest cattle market in the world. Monday through Thursday 45,000 head of cattle pass though it's p...

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Caption: Gauchos at the Market, Credit: Beatrice Murch
Every day is Market day in Buenos Aires, from the daily shopping of the weekdays to the special Independence day and Weekend marketseldersa

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Caption: Mr. Bennett bikes The Broadwalk, Credit: ?
Who do we meet, who do we see when we walk through the city village, the park or even just in the street where you live?

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Caption: Villa La Pietra, Credit: Walter Murch
It is time for an Old Girls reunion at St. Catherine's School before heading to Villa La Pietra and New York University, Abroad

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Caption: Market Harvest Lunch, Credit: Walter Murch
Two views of London in the morning. A walk through Hampstead Village and then it is time for the Borough Market.

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Caption: Big Ben, Westminster and The London Eye, Credit: Walter Murch
Spring leaves California and begins in Europe. But storms of a political nature are rocking through Britain this month

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Caption: Trappers tools, Credit: Muriel Murch
Farmers and gardeners alike are beset by gophers. There may be more than one way to skin a cat but for gophers, Greg is the guy.

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Caption: Chicks on the farm, Credit: Muriel Murch
From America's White House to the small farms and families in the country spring and new beginnings are in the air.

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Caption: Dancers at the march for the disappeared, Credit: Beatrice Murch
What was happening in the world thirty-three years and half a life-time ago?

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Caption: Apple Blossom
February is the time to make new apple trees from old. Where have they come from?

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Caption: Route One - Somewhere
The back roads and side roads often show us more about where we are than the highways

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Caption: There is no mud, Credit: Muriel Murch
The global economy and global warming both bring changes to Northern California

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Caption: Horacio y Maribel, Credit: Beatrice Murch
A peek at a civic ceremony wedding in Buenos Aires

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