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Playlist: February -- Documentaries on Demand

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This is Black History Month...and when we think about love and presidents. You need documentaries. Here are our recommendations!

Healing Healthcare

From WHYY | 54:58

An in-depth look at the relationship between healthcare providers and patients

Healing Healthcare

Default-piece-image-2 Do you feel like your doctor isn't really listening to you? Are Hospitals safe? How do healthcare professionals feel about the system they work in? What can be done to provide quality care to all Americans? "I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon's knife or the chemist's drug." From the Hippocratic Oath, Modern version The state of healthcare in America is usually summed up in numbers; over 98,000 Americans die as a result of medical errors each year, The Center for Disease Control estimates that as many as 2 million people contract infections from hospitals yearly, and 100 million Americans are affected by chronic diseases. But at the heart of these terrifying numbers is a relationship, one that was once regarded as untouchable. The relationship between patient and healthcare professionals is historically based on mutual trust, on benevolence, the desire to heal, and the desire to get better.But today, growing numbers of patients complain of hurried doctors who don't listen, and overworked staff members who don't have time to take care of most basic needs. Patients feel that they have to take charge of their own medical care and records, while arguing with their insurance companies about which treatment they should be getting. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals complain of unmanageable demands in the work place, emotional stress, understaffing, and mountains of paperwork that keep them from spending time with patients. How did this happen, and what can be done? Hosted by Dr. Dan Gottlieb and Maiken Scott, the WHYY one-hour radio documentary "Healing Healthcare" explores the relationship between healthcare professionals and patients. We'll hear from policy makers, administrators, patients, families and healthcare professionals. "Healing Healthcare" also follows medical students as they learn what it means to be a healer, patients who become advocates for a better approach to medicine, and physicians who are trying to transform the health care system. Dr. Dan Gottlieb is a family therapist, and host of the award-winning weekly WHYY call-in show "Voices in the Family." He is the author of "Letters to Sam." Maiken Scott is an award-winning producer of two WHYY programs. She has produced and hosted many national specials, most recently "Childhood Lost and Found." If you are a double licensee, "Healing Healthcare" is an ideal radio companion to the four-part PBS documentary "Remaking American Medicine" (Coming to stations in early October) Of course, this radio documentary stands on its own as a in-depth look at healthcare, healing, and the human side of medicine.

Team of Rivals

From AARP Radio | Part of the Prime Time Radio series | 58:01

Doris Goodwin's new book: Team of Rivals, is an exhaustive biography of "honest Abe"

Team of Rivals
AARP Radio

Mike_ptr_thumb_small Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Doris Kearns Goodwin wrote definitive books on Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, and the Kennedys. This time around she spent ten years learning about Abraham Lincoln-exploring the personality, ambition, and political genius of the enigmatic leader. Goodwin's new book, Team of Rivals, is an exhaustive biography of "honest Abe". One the next Prime Time Radio, she joins host Mike Cuthbert for a special hour-long conversation about how Lincoln made allies out of enemies to successfully maneuver the nation through its most trying time?the Civil War.

RN Valentine's Day Special

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide | Part of the RN Documentaries series | 59:00

Radio Netherlands the Dutch international series presents Long Distance Love ? two tales of transatlantic romance to warm up your Valentines day.

B2bl_small Radio Netherlands the Dutch international series presents "Long Distance Love" two tales of transatlantic romance to warm up your Valentines day. In the first half hour "From Brooklyn to Banja Luka" the story of a New Yorker and a Serb who overcame their passionate irritation at each other's cultural and personal peccadilloes to build a life and a family together. And in the second half hour; "Mucho Corazon" the tale of two star-crossed lovers from Holland and Cuba, trying to find a way to be together while their governments work to keep them apart. -Long distance Love- Brought to you by Radio Netherlands. If you'd like to be included on the distribution list to receive updates on this programming, or if you intend to broadcast the series, please contact Joan Roman joan@SchardtMEDIA.org 781.643.4555