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Caption: Sunil Patel Sifts Compost, Credit: Emily Reddy

Selling Organics in a Tough Economy (05:29)
From: WPSU

Local organic growers say, despite their higher prices, customers are staying pretty loyal in this tough economy. Visits to a local farm and a sustainable agriculture ...
Caption: Doris Fravel, Credit: Emily Reddy

Mobile Homes As Affordable Housing (05:19)
From: WPSU

A new study finds that people who live in mobile homes are overwhelmingly satisfied with their housing despite problems. The researcher says that could make mobile homes a ...
Caption: Deirdri Fishel, Credit: Penn State Public Broadcasting

Interview with the Star of "Telling Amy's Story," a Documentary Airing Nationally on Public Telev... (06:43)
From: WPSU

WPSU's Emily Reddy interviews the narrator and star of "Telling Amy's Story." The movie documents the signs of domestic violence in the years leading up to her death at the ...
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Researchers Hold International Conference on Colony Collapse Disorder (05:02)
From: WPSU

Around the world, bees continue to disappear and scientists still don’t quite know why. This week regulatory agents, bee keepers, agricultural chemical companies, and ...
Caption: Tim Ziegler on the new, improved Marcellus Shale drilling road., Credit: Emily Reddy

A Quest to Make Marcellus Roads More Environmentally Friendly (10:12)
From: WPSU

Marcellus Shale drilling is ripping up roads. The sediment from the roads winds up in streams and ruins the ecosystem. The Center for Dirt and Gravel Road Studies at Penn ...