Comments by Trey Kay

Comment for "Moon Graffiti"

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Brave New World!

Jonathon and Hillary are taking the old tradition of radio drama and making it new and relevant. Bravo!

Comment for "Eat Cake"

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Loved this piece.

Sound design and music were really sweet. I loved how the perspective was shifted in the middle of the phone conversation. Strong work. Hope that it becomes a public radio offering.

Comment for "Small Town Doc"

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Review of Small Town Doc

I thought that this a very thoughtful segment that evoked both thoughts and emotions in me. I really liked the story of this doctor and want to have this kind of physician caring for me. I love how it began with the birth. Speaking as a parent, it seemed as the the world stopped and nothing else mattered when I was at the birth of my child. It was kind of neat to hear the doctor perspective. It was also interesting to hear the stories of the other patients. The producer really chose great clips and took great care in setting up the situation. The segment was well editied and covered a lot of ground. I could hear this on All things Considered or Weekend Edition.