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I am the creator of this piece. Many have complained, since I started posting my pieces here, that I talk too fast. I have been brooding about this.
There is an irony here, if irony is the right word, in that when I first started doing these pieces, the fast pace was the appeal! People LOVED it that I could talk so fast. But that was twenty-something years ago, I guess.
However, the fast pace is an integral part of the Ian Shoales persona. If I slowed it down, it would lose whatever it has that makes my little bits punchy in the first place. They may not be much, but they're mine.
So I will continue to be fast-paced. Believe me, the jokes would not be as funny if slowed-down. I'd sound like every other NPR guy or gal out there. And I am not heartfelt. I have no valuable life lessons. I am not wise. Of course, I'm not a pooch either. I'm sort of like an idiot savant, without the idiot part. That's the persona, folks!
So please, listen faster. Thank you.