Comments by Kyle Alpert

Comment for "Green Jobs for Greenhorns"

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Green Jobs for Greenhorns gets right down to the point. There is no filler; every second of the piece is spent building up the story. However there was still more that could have been said. The first three quarters of the piece outlines how younger workers could have an advantage due to the green revolution. Then near the end, a counter argument is made, but isn't supported. I think it would be nice to hear a little more about how all workers could benefit.
Overall it's a solid piece with good narration and interviews, and I enjoyed hearing it. Good job, David.

Comment for "A Little Flushed Up"

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How often do you think about how special your toilet is? Who knew the scale of how taken for granted this device is! In "A Little Flushed Up", Sara Zhang actively describes the sanitary problems billions of people in the world face. She grabs your attention and holds it by relating to the way you feel about defecation, but manages to teach you many important facts. By the time you've listened through, you've learned quite a bit. Sound effects are added to the background in many places so that they support but do not take away from the narration. The transition from the global problem to the specifics in China is flawless. The listener gets shown an example of the conditions some people live in first hand by a witness, and can piece the whole thing together themselves. A Little Flushed Up is a model for how global problems can be condensed into a digestible radio special.