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Comment for "Self-Cleaning Fabric"

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Review of Self-Cleaning Fabric

Jacob takes us inside a lab at Hong Kong Polytechnic where researchers are creating self-cleaning fabric. The science behind the research is explained well by Adelman, who playfully blends sound from the lab and scientists with clips from "The Man in the White Suit." Disasterous eater and lover of wine that I am, I look forward to the day I see Xin's self-cleaning fabrics for sale and can exclaim "I heard about that on the radio!"

Comment for "All in the Family"

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Review of All in the Family

We have all been there, a family reunion full of strangers, one of the rare moments when you'd prefer to be in line at the DMV to scooping a serving of second-cousin twice removed Bertha's squash casserole. All in the Family reminds us the suprise these events can be: a reconnection to a family's greater story. Great sound, well narrated, very spirited piece.

Comment for "Cut public broadcasting loose from federal subsidy"

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Review of Cut public broadcasting loose from federal subsidy

I don't know whether this piece is hysterical or the most frustrating thing I've heard in a while. Regardless, I appreciated hearing it because Cohen speaks in an overtly opinionated fashion, heeding his own advice that CPB should not be all things to all people. Could be presented in a "pro" and "con" setup. This piece will surely elicit debate...

Comment for "Argentina’s Financial Revolution"

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Defending Values that are non-Monetary Values

Air it just to get this quote out on the airwaves across our nation: "Debt is one of the greatest forms of social control in the world."

The 2001 financial crisis in Argentina, as experienced by the populace, seen through the eyes of a compelling director named Naomi Klein. As she gives us a crash course in IMF policies and their effect on the 'failure of the promise of capitalism' for Argentina, Klein is clear, engaging and powerful.

Comment for "Walking Blind"

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So that's what those yellow bumps are for...

It is a privilege to spend an afternoon with Mike on and under the streets of New York City. This well-composed, sound-rich piece allows the listener to simply accompany Mike on his daily commute, learning through engagement rather than instruction.

Comment for "Treatment and Recovery"

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Bridging Two Worlds

Laced with personal stories from Crystal Meth addicts fighting to rejoin productive society, Josh Wilson introduces the listener to the complexities of funding successful drug treatment programs. Enough facts and figures about the "poor-man's cocaine" to create the "huh, I had no idea" effect, without overloading the piece. Good balance of framing the issue and giving a human face to the addiction battle.