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Comment for "SOTRU - Des Moines: Heart of the Heartland"

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Great Format, Wonderfully Delivered

I really enjoyed listening to this piece and really appreciate your take on the Heartland. I'm planning on listening to your series more often.

Given the premise of your series, I once visited a really great town called Alexandira, Indiana for a documentary film about the World's Largest Ball of Paint. It's a really interesting place and perfect subject for a show like yours.

Let me know if you're interested in learning more about Mike Carmichael and his Ball of Paint. :)

Keep up the great work.

Comment for "Barack Obama-The Remix"

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Really well done!

Thanks for sharing this nicely edited piece. Mixed nicely with the right kind of music and timing.

Comment for "Don't Drive Like My Brother"

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Feels like This American Life - Well Done!

This is such a wonderfully written and produced piece. Thanks so much for sharing it. The tone and production feels very much like This American Life.

Comment for "My T-shirt Says it All"

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Great Work

Really enjoy this show! T-shirts are such a piece of Americana. Keep up the great work!