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Bleep Locations

There are bleeps for swear words in this piece at:

4:36 (there are three there)
11:50 (just the one there)

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Signing in to PRX

So glad you enjoyed the piece, Marianne. PRX does require listeners to login at this time, but Promised Land can also be heard on, along with many other stories from the same producers.

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A brave survivor (deleted)

I was surprised to learn that anyone -- let alone our legal system -- would think a drunk victim exonerates a criminal, in rape cases or otherwise. Chilling. I appreciate Valerie's bravery in sharing her experience widely, and HRW for giving her one way to do so.

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Reply to Frederick DeWorken

Thanks for your interest in this PRX piece. Please contact NPR music from their profile to see if they offer copies.

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Technical Problems

Thanks for your comment. These are raw audio files which were somewhat compromised by the automatic gain control in a device through which the speech was recorded. We feel that the value of speech's content warrants attention in our "Featured Pieces" despite the sound quality.