Comments by Emon Hassan

Comment for "The Beatles In America - 1964 (2 Hours @ 59:00 or 54:00)"

Review of The Beatles In America - 1964 (Hour 1)

There have been tons of documentary films on the Beatles, but this radio piece is the most engaging of them all. Not that I have seen or heard all the documentaries on the Beatles.
But, I can safely say that 'The Beatles in America-1964' could not have been told better in any other medium. Paul Ingles has very skillfully and appropriately used archived materials throughout the piece that takes you to the year 1964 and make you feel what it was like to be a teenager and a radio listener. The piece also demonstrates how equally good the Beatles members were at communicating with the media and fans. Can you think of another band who had or has that?

Comment for "The Ring and I: The Passion, The Myth, The Mania"

Review of The Ring and I: The Passion, The Myth, The Mania

One of the best radio pieces ever made! Everyone should listen to this documentary, opera lover or not. This is radio at its finest.

Comment for "Black Tension"

Review of Black Tension

Very polished, well produced piece about the tension between two groups. Identification is a universal problem when natives and immigrants come in conflict, and the piece made me reaize that. I wanted to learn more.
This piece strikes a chord and should be playing nationally.

Comment for "Islamic History - Made in America"

Review of Islamic History - Made in America

Very informative. Well produced, and deserves to be heard.
A landmark event led by Dr. Amina Wadud divides people in the Muslim community. Varying opinions are heard from both genders. It was interesting to hear what they all had to say to justify their feelings.
Listen to this piece and find out which side you think you're on. After that, take the topic to a water cooler near you.

Comment for "Sound Design from Hell"

Review of Sound Design from Hell

This piece is a must listen for all sound designers, aspiring or in need of inspiring. A short glimpse into the laboratory of a sound designer who create a visual world for the ears. I bet it will get you experimentin' with sounds yourself afterwards.
Darn...I can't stop humming "London Bridge is Falling Down". You'll know what I mean.

Comment for "Time in Film"

Review of Time in Film

You see, I have this condition...not amnesia...but...let me remember what I liked about this piece...Lola was running to save...Hitchcock said something about movies being life with the boring...oh yes, I remember...I was trying to remember how I was intrigued by the title of this piece, being a movie buff and all, and the way it blends music and sound clips into a tiny capsule and...dang...what was it that Hitchcock said about movies being...I know I heard it somewhere...why don't I remember it?...wait...what do I have written here..."Listen to Jonathan's piece "Time in Film"...hmm...maybe I should tell my friends about this piece before I listen to it... Wait, what is this website?

Comment for "Paul Pena's Kargyraa Moan"

Review of Paul Pena's Kargyraa Moan

All I can say is, musician or no musician, you should take a few minutes to listen to this piece. This piece introduces us to two new subjects, Paul Pena, and Tuvan throat singing. 'Throat singing!', you might exclaim, but I will bet you, after you listen to this piece you'll want to give it a try.

I'd accidentally stumbled into 'Genghis Blues' couple of years ago. I guess you'll have to look that title up to see what I mean.

But first, listen, listen to this piece. Notice how Jonathan introduces Paul and the unusual music (if you don't know about it).
A great example of radio verite. That term doesn't exist, you say? Now it does.

Comment for "Transit Duchess"

Review of Transit Duchess

As if my ears caught a glimpse of the place and people. The piece demonstrates how a simple sound story can paint a smooth and rich picture.

Comment for "For Whom the Bell Tolls"

Review of For Whom the Bell Tolls

Short and wonderfully produced piece! I don't think the title could be used for anything more perfect. The best part of the piece is not what sounds Jackson decided to include, but which sounds he had left out for us to fill in. Good producers know how to use sound well, great ones know how to use silence.

Comment for "Clockwise: Mayhem Ensues"

Review of Clockwise: Mayhem Ensues

Very well written and produced. I'm a sucker for stuff like the 'what if' stories. Hans has a special way to pose a 'what if' situation and take us through a journey...backwards. I loved the bit about NY Times. Great work, Hans!

Comment for "The War of the Gods"

Review of The War of the Gods

As always, Matt's works have many levels. His use of SFX and music fit just right for this piece. Nostalgic, and has a cool, smooth pace to it.