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I certainly respond to Wyclef's desire to help his native land-- his sincerity and desire to solve the intractable problems of Haiti are commendable. The piece itself could be stronger. Sometimes it seems answers are given to him (regarding what he is doing to help), and the first mention of his organization Y?le Haiti comes from him without prior reference or subsequent clarification. So, one could misunderstand what it means. I initially thought it was a place in Haiti until it became clear later. The interviewer says that "billions" of dollars have been poured into Haiti. I have doubts about the accuracy of that. I could be wrong but I think a more accurate figure from what I have read would be half a billion-- still a lot, with disappointing results, but I think the number is off. At times the interview could be sharper: why was it good for Haiti for Wyclef to have Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie visit the country? Possibly his new creole music could have been used more to illustrate points. If there is a message in it beyond just the use of creole, we don't find out in the piece. Still, the piece does call a terrible situation to attention, along with the efforts of one artist to help, in a convincing way.