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Comment for "New York's Playground Sprinklers"

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Review of New York's Playground Sprinklers

Dear Kate,

I really enjoyed this piece. Not only the collage of voices, but the ambient sound track, really helped place the piece. I look forward to hearing more of your work, its a joy to listen too.

Comment for "Singing in St. Andrews"

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Review of Singing in St. Andrews

Would have liked a longer piece, with slightly shorter music on eitehr end. Apart from that, the quality you come to expect from Dmae's work is all there.

Great to find somethign about a local place, Anstruther is jsut 10 minutes down the road, yet made by someone form a different cultural background.

Did you get any more tape of the these "local" people, Dmae?


Chris In Scotland.

Comment for "Handcrafting Mandolins"

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Review of Handcrafting Mandolins

Wonderful mix of actuality sounds (wood being sanded) and interview, with narration. Would really like to hear a longer version. There's something about listening to craftsmen building real thing sin the this day and age of electronics and virtual products.

A classy piece. Keep up the good work.

Comment for "An Interview with Joe Barbera"

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Review of An Interview with Joe Barbera

I found it fascinating to listen to having as a child watched the Flintstones cartoon most weeknights before the BBC’s main evening news. The only improvement I could suggest for wider distribution would be to remove the WNYC announcer at the beginning and end and have Joe voice a better intro. Yes the sound isn’t perfect in some places, but location interviews can be tricky things to record. On spec interviews as this sounds to be are the trickiest, you have to take pot-luck on location and background noise. That being said, the human ear is the most adaptive filter, I still think this is a fantastic piece. I only hope Joe has more material with other animation pioneers in his archive. I would certainly be interested to hear it.