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Caption: Guerra calls Coach Jimmie Knight the "King of Second Chances.", Credit: ANDREA CLAIRE MAIO

Mister Knight's Neighborhood, a documentary (48:53)
From: Michigan Radio

Cody High School is on Detroit’s west side, in a neighborhood that struggles with blight, drugs and gangs. As Cody football coach Jimmie Knight says, "everybody wants to be ...
Caption: Volunteer Pat Gold (left) and Tiara Brooks work on a story at an 826 Michigan writing workshop at Adams STEM Academy in Ypsilanti., Credit: JENNIFER GUERRA / MICHIGAN RADIO

This is what happens when students let their imaginations run wild (03:40)
From: Michigan Radio

What if third grade students could carve out time during the school day to let their imaginations run wild? State of Opportunity’s Jennifer Guerra visited an elementary ...
Caption: Danielle Boshers (left), Anna Garcia, and Chris Reynolds say the University of Michigan could do a better job welcoming first generation students to campus., Credit: JENNIFER GUERRA / MICHIGAN RADIO

Coming out as poor at an elite university (03:40)
From: Michigan Radio

Lots of high school seniors are nailing down what they want to do after they graduate. For students who choose to go to college, there can be lots of stress around getting ...
Caption: A baby picture of Josette Hejka (middle) and her two adopted brothers, Mike (left) and Terrell., Credit: PHOTO COURTESY OF EDDIE HEJKA

For some mixed race families, parenting is a black and white issue (03:40)
From: Michigan Radio

There are a few talks nearly all parents have with their kids. There’s the birds and the bees talk. There’s the ‘don’t do drugs talk.’ Some parents also have to have the race ...
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Home for the holidays, in a dorm room (03:40)
From: Michigan Radio

In early December, most college students are packing their bags and heading home for the holiday break. Except for those who've experienced foster care, homelessness, or ...
Caption: Candice Sponaas was very close to being adopted out of foster care, but her adoption fell through before the papers were finalized., Credit: JENNIFER GUERRA / MICHIGAN RADIO

Here's what Michigan is doing to reduce the rate of broken adoptions for foster care youth (03:46)
From: Michigan Radio

The goal for children in foster care is to find them permanent homes. For some, that might mean adoption. But the road to adoption can be bumpy, and for some children their ...
Caption: A tribal member of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians., Credit: EVA PETOSKEY

The devastating rate of suicide among American Indian teens (03:48)
From: Michigan Radio

Suicide is a major public health problem for American Indians. The suicide rate for American Indian teenagers is two-and-a-half times higher than the national average. With ...
Caption: Detroit students get to practice archery at Camp Burt Shurly., Credit: JENNIFER GUERRA / MICHIGAN RADIO

Detroit kids go to camp to do things they can't do in the city (03:21)
From: Michigan Radio

Michigan Radio’s State of Opportunity reporter Jennifer Guerra recently spent the day with about one-hundred elementary school students at Camp Burt Shirley. That's a ...
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Teaching students how to switch between Black English and Standard English can help them get ahead (03:54)
From: Michigan Radio

Black students consistently lag behind their white peers on standardized tests. Experts have been trying to come up with ways to shrink the achievement gap for decades, but ...
Caption: Keisha Johnson (left) graduated from a 15-week computer tech training program, something she's been aiming for since 2012., Credit: JENNIFER GUERRA / MICHIGAN RADIO

When you live in poverty, a lot can get in the way of graduating (03:59)
From: Michigan Radio

Making it to graduation is a given for a lot of people. It’s just one of the many steps on the path to a career. But for some it’s not that easy. Our State of Opportunity ...