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Comment for "This American Life: After the Flood" (deleted)

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Review of This American Life: After the Flood (deleted)

I am not a big fan of This American Life but… in situations like this one has to leave behind personal inclinations and be glad to see that the stories that some of us had read in private emails have an outlet in a major national show. It is not very popular to trash the law enforcers and the authorities in this country, even in the occasions when they deserve to be trashed. There is on top of that the tendency in media to look for the popular hero stories. Well… this time the heros were nowhere to be found… or at least among the law enforcement institutions. This episode of TAL dares to tell this very unpopular story. I only wish there were more media outlets that did the same thing.

Comment for "God is Talking to Me"

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Review of God is Talking to Me

This is one of the few pieces that have caught my attention in a while. And the most interesting thing is that it uses pretty simple resources… some good editing techniques, great writing and a good sense on rhythm. I would say it is a must listen if you are looking for challenging radio.