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Recent Pieces from Cate Cahan

Caption: Scientists say the intestines are like a second brain., Credit: (WBEZ/Michael De Bonis)

Clever Apes: Gut Feelings (08:25)
From: WBEZ

We take a trip into the emerging field of gut science and its effects on everything from cancer to dementia to obesity.
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Clever Apes: First memories (08:22)
From: WBEZ

Our childhood memories may not always be reliable, but they have a lot to teach us about how we think, learn, and build an identity. In this episode, Gabriel Spitzer explores ...
Caption: Host Gabriel Spitzer and producer Michael De Bonis, Credit: (WBEZ/Andrew Gill)

Clever Apes 2011 Special (53:59)
From: WBEZ

This science special is perfect for your holiday programming needs. We've gathered our favorite segments from 2011 and gift-wrapped them in this hour long broadcast. We'll ...
Caption: Marius Stan and Dan Pancake lead double lives on top of their scientific pursuits.

Clever Apes: Secret lives of nuclear scientists (08:20)
From: WBEZ

We explore the secret lives of nuclear scientists and learn why these brainiacs are way more interesting than you’d have ever imagined.
Caption: Heinrich Jaeger demonstrates the jamming effect, which led to a soft robot., Credit: (WBEZ/Gabriel Spitzer)

Clever Apes: Reimagining Robots (08:25)
From: WBEZ

What if the next generation of robots looks less like a humanoid, and more like a slug?
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Clever Apes: Godspeed, Tevatron (08:24)
From: WBEZ

We remember the legacy of the Tevatron, the particle collider that was shut down in September of 2011.
Caption: Don White captures surround sound in downtown Chicago by mimicking human ears., Credit: WBEZ/Gabriel Spitzer

Clever Apes: Deep listening (08:22)
From: WBEZ

Believe it or not, with just two little ears, humans hear in 3-D, and Clever Apes has captured it on tape.
Caption: Diagram of the holometer at Fermi Lab

Clever Apes: New dimesions (08:40)
From: WBEZ

In this episode, stories of two researchers: one measuring the shape of music, and another hunting for signs that the world is flat.
Caption: Lisa Utschig holds a vial of the protein active in photosynthesis.

Clever Apes: Trick of the lgiht (08:59)
From: WBEZ

In this installment, we consider why photosynthesis remains a puzzle to science. And we’ll find out how a research team at Argonne National Laboratory has begun to crack the ...
Caption: A chimp at the Lincoln Park Zoo uses a stick to fish for food., Credit: Michael De Bonis/WBEZ

Clever Apes: Toolmakers (08:32)
From: WBEZ

Humans have an incredible ability to fashion tools that make our lives easier and advance the goals of science, but we're not the only species making and using tools. In ...