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Comment for "Matching Outfits Not Included"

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Review of Matching Outfits Not Included

Okay, so I'm to review something Ira Glass co-produced, something already aired on TAL? Umm, It's good.

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Review of Stories1st: Team Effort

This is well produced, it sounds terrific.

If you are putting together a sportsmanship series, or anything about mentally-challenged children or how their parents cope, this would fit perfectly. I'd like to hear more about how the woman says there is *no* meanness in a challenged-game, where the "normal" kids are complaining, back-stabbing, putting down, etc. There were several smaller, stories-within-stories that I think would work well instead of the broader angle. Perhaps you could cut three or four different stories from what was surely left out and end up with this overall view, but then some closer glimpses. Make it a 29 minute piece to air as a "special" or something. Yeah, I know... who's going to air that? I'd like to hear an honest piece about what the "normal" kids think. Has anyone ever done that? Would the levels of cruelty be high, or low?

My deal with the rating is that it would be nice to hear different styles for pieces like this. That's it. This is well-done, but I feel that it sounds a lot like other stories and I think PR needs a shakeup. If you like PR the way it is, this and are going for this type of story, it's well done and provocative.

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Review of Laughing without an Accent

I really like many public radio-esque stories, but so many are serious that it starts to drain your emotions after awhile. This is a good comedy relief.

I like the way that she chats with people at the parties, jokes around. It translates well. It's like the difference between a book and a movie. In a movie, you can't get into the character's head, but here you do. Yeah, we all know that, but in a diary, it's good to get OUT of the diarist's head once-in-awhile, too, and joke around with an audience.

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Review of Wu Man - Pipa player

I came to this one from "Daily Segments" thinking perhaps this was going to be a daily pipa segment along the lines of a daily poetry reading or Astronomy Today. So, it might be a mis-classified there, but it is an excellent piece.

If Wu Man is doing a show in your area, this would be a great way to personalize Wu Man to your audience, especially if your station doesn't have the resources to go out and get the interview and edit it into a well done piece.

I always like the un-narrated shows, I think they are among the most pure from a production standpoint, and take more thought and creativity to tell the story when the subject doesn't always _quite_ answer that question so as to establish what the question was.

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Review of Life in a Brothel

This is informative and would work great as a shorter piece focusing on one part of the interview and as an overall look at prostitution.

It would work as a 29:00 piece if it had more sound variety. Maybe the producer could have gone and checked it out in person, pretend he's an ATM salesman or something (is Mustang Ranch still a "working" ranch?).

I don't think this works as a 29:00 piece because as a phone interview it just doesn't have the variety of sound a long piece needs. If you are producing a piece on prostitution, this would be a good part of the overall piece.

Comment for "Two-Minute Danger Theater 01: The Voice "Death Stalks at Midnight" Ch 1"

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Review of Two-Minute Danger Theater 01: The Voice "Death Stalks at Midnight" Ch 1

The Voice is a unique and innovative piece with a Rocky and Bullwinkle feel to it. I'd definitely like to hear more radio like this, anywhere in the Public Radio day. I think radio needs more spice.

These are humorous short episodes. Maybe "The Voice" will become old, but this variety of radio should be encouraged.

[note from reviewer 12/11/03] I just heard "Poultry Slam" from TAL (I listen through, so I'm a little behind). Ira Glass has an affinity for shows like this, too. So, now I'm convinced this sort of serial has a place on public radio. If people like it, why does it have to fit a 'certain sound'?

Ira's affinity was aimed at Chicken Man, which is better than The Voice, but the 1-5 rating doesn't ask me whether I really like this piece (although I do), it asks me how much I want to hear stuff like this on public radio. Maybe it's just me -- or me and Mr. Glass -- but I do want to hear stuff like this on my public radio.

I visited the Chicken Man web site and Famous Dick Orkin, the creator, says he isn't still doing them because it's hard to make money at doing a syndicated serial. Doesn't bode well for The Voice, but maybe he'll (and we'll) get lucky.