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I Can't Believe I've Never Listened to this Show Before (deleted)

I've always seen this weekly show on GPRX, but I had never listened to it. But that was a mistake on my part, because it was really good.

One reason this show was good is because it featured a wide variety of stories. All of them were well produced and interesting. I think my favorite story was about illegal African immigrants in Spain. Immigration is a big issue in the U.S., but I didn't know that it was also an issue in Europe, too.

I thought the coolest thing about this show was that it was so diverse. The hosts talked about the countries they were from, and even people that won a trivia contest for the show were from around the world. I really liked the two hosts. They reminded me of when I hosted Weekday High's podcast for a week.

The only thing that stopped me from listening to this show before was that I could never tell what it was about from the title. I think maybe a better title would get people's attention.

Overall, this show was really enjoyable to listen to. It sounded good, and I learned a lot. I would recommend it to anyone.