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  • Editorial Director, WLRN
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Recent Pieces from Alicia Zuckerman

Caption: Interstate 95 unceremoniously ends in Miami, dumping drivers onto US1., Credit: Greg Castillo for WLRN

The End Of The Road: Danger And The Perception Of Danger On Interstate 95 (50:59)
From: Kenny Malone

A series of tourist murders leads to a national conversation on cruel and unusual punishment for teenagers, two street artists become public enemy number one and a look at ...
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Remembering Andrew (58:31)
From: WLRN

20 years ago today (August 24th) Hurricane Andrew turned South Florida upside down. In this hour-long documentary, WLRN uses home videos, archival news footage, 911 calls, ...
Caption: Bailey the pitbull, Credit: Photo courtesy of Terence Cantarella

Under the Sun: Miami Outlaw (09:01)
From: Under the Sun

Terence Cantarella takes in a stray and battered dog--a pit bull. It's illegal to have a pit bull in Miami-Dade. Cantarella tries to find a way to get rid of the dog that ...
Caption: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Building in North Miami, Credit: Alicia Zuckeman

TPS: The Long and Winding Road (08:49)
From: Under the Sun

After the earthquake in Haiti, the U.S. government made Temporary Protected Status (TPS) available to Haitians living in the country before January 12. And yet, by government ...