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This is the way forward.

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Review of Rites of Passage - An Introduction (deleted)

I think this piece represents a good approach to the exploration of concepts, using sound. This would serve as a handy definition-piece that could be brought up to explain the term "rite of passage," either as part of a more complex program, or a single perspective added to a show specifically about transitions. The term is used so much in contemporary culture, but it's not always explained.

Nice use of sound effects, particularly the "giving birth" sequence--very funny. Also, I enjoyed the exchange between the narrator and his frustrating alter-ego. There's some clever play concerning humans' common needs, when the narrator suggests a threatening rite-of-passage, and the alter-ego responds by exposing some embarassing (yet equally valid) examples in the narrator's life. Conceptual drama!

Also, good use of tones (the ones that signify "next slide, please") to underscore the various categories in Maslow's hierarchy. They serve as aural bullets, and help the listener keep track of the theory's components.