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Comment for "Danny Boy"

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Lovely piece.

Lovely piece, Maeve, heartfelt but not maudlin. Thanks, Charles McGuigan

Comment for "Memorial"

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Bringing grief to life.

This is an exquisite piece. No holds barred, exquisitely narrated, timed out perfectly. As beautiful a memorial as anyone could have. Thank you.

Comment for "The Rocks at Rock Bottom"

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Review of the Rocks at Rock Bottom

Hillary's got a great voice and I don't just mean her vocals. The intro is beautifully crafted, setting us up for the actualities. I think the music was just a little too new agey, but that's personal preference. "Ripple" would have worked well.
That beach in Spain with all those flat rocks comes to life with Jerry's easy going narrative.
Skipping stones. Great piece.

Comment for "The Soda Fountain of Youth"

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Review of The Soda Fountain of Youth

Nice piece of writing, not overly sentimental, but I think it might have been even more powerful with imported sound--the ring of a cash register, magazine pages thumbed, the blast of a spray of soda water, and so on. Overall, beautifully done.

Comment for "Carvings"

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Review of Carvings

Gripping, original with universal applications. Longing is underscored by the voice here. And none of it's maudlin. Great piece and tightly written.

Comment for "Cobb's Ice Harvest"

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Review of Cobb's Ice Harvest

Very good balance of background information on the history of ice harvesting and the acualities--got to love that Down East accent and the Maineman's matter-of-fact way of speaking. Ambient sound made it all real. But I think a little--intro and outro--would have framed it nicely--a bassy blues piece cold to the ear.

Comment for "Stress Test"

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Review of Stress Test

This is brilliant. Hysterical. Music is perfect and chirping chorus of crickets at critical moments punctuates it nicely. And the voice is just perfect. Thanks. It made my day.

Comment for "Christmas with Grandma"

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Review of Christmas with Grandma

You achieved in two minutes what the film "The Ref" attempted to convey in almost two hours. And with sound only. Nicely done.

Comment for "Gems of Bluegrass # 836 Importance of Work"

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Review of Gems of Bluegrass # 836 Importance of Work

Just the right amount of commentary. The music carries it. Nusbaum seems to have a vast reservoir of music knowledge at his disposal and obviously loves the subject matter. I'm amazed at how much he fits into under seven minutes.

Comment for "Pigeon Wars" (deleted)

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Review of Pigeon Wars (deleted)

Really liked the understated humor in this piece, such as the reference to "serial killers". A lengthier and punchier lead would have helped to draw the listener in, and more ambient sound would have strenghtened the story. That said, the story was tight and thorough.

Comment for "Venice Beach Freak Show"

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Review of Venice Beach Freak Show

Nice job Briana. I close my eyes whenever I listen to audio and then the magic can happen. With your piece it does. Just the right balance of the carnival sounds and no narration at all. I like that. It stands on its own and it's over before you want it to be. Loved his insights on being open. You must have asked all the right questions. Congratulations. This oughta be aired.

Comment for "Bringing home the bones"

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Review of Bringing home the bones

This is an excellent piece of writing. The narrative is strong and the actualities propel the action toward this very strong ending. Ambient sound and the Native American music give this piece a strong sense of place. Kudos all the way around.